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BoardGamePrices’ Coolest Space Board Games

Posted Friday, 9-Jan-2015

Space board games give a lot of players a vastly different experience in gaming than you would find in a more traditional game. With many featuring advanced technology, space battle, and exploration in the new frontier, these space board games can be fun for anyone. Check out a couple of BoardGamePrices’ favorite space board games and let us know what you think. See any you like?

Eclipse – With a somewhat lengthy game time of around 120 minutes, Eclipse is one of the coolest space board games we know. In this game, anywhere from two to six players run their own civilizations in space, battling and planning for the good of their galactic species. This game is a super in-depth adventure.

Eclipse Game
Quantum – Quantum takes a fast-paced and easy to learn spin to space board games, allowing players to build their own fleet of ships and navigate through and conquer space one intergalactic zone at a time. Construct Quantum Cubes, build your fleet, and rule as a fleet commander with up to four players total in this strategic and exciting game.

quantum game
Exodus: Proxima Centauri – Exodus: Proxima Centauri seems to rule in the space-strategy category. Players find themselves battling to establish a new human empire after a devastating nuclear war.  Researching Centauri technology, conquering planets and even voting on political decisions are just some of the tasks you’ll encounter within the galaxy. Be ready to negotiate, battle and stay involved in this expansive, and highly exciting game.

Exodus Proxima Centauri
These are just three of our favorite space board games; check out our Get That Game guide below, and find the best prices here on BoardGamePrices. Do you have any awesome space board games that didn’t make our list? Let us know!


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