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BoardGamePrices Black Friday Gift Guide Part 1

Posted Friday, 24-Nov-2017

Black Friday is coming! Here’s two dozen of the very best games you should be adding to your shopping list.


Compiled by Calvin Wong


As a quick note, prices for all these games may fluctuate throughout the day as different retailers put their games on offer.


Games for the whole family


Junk Art


Junk Art


Number of Players2-6 Play Time30 minutes Ages8+


Junk Art tasks you with using its improbably shaped wooden pieces to create sculptures. Hopefully they stay upright! (they probably won’t though) Compete in over ten different game modes to stack, shape, build, and otherwise fashion various pieces of Junk Art. Build the tallest sculpture, or the one with the most pieces, or compete to see if you can keep your structure standing for longer than anyone else.

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Deep Sea Adventure



Number of Players2-6 Play Time30 minutes Ages8+

Deep Sea Adventure is a game of getting rich quick – or drown trying! (okay, have to be hauled back up to the submarine…)

A group of deep sea adventurers are diving for treasure, but there’s limited air in the submarine and the more you’re carrying the more you consume. Will you play it safe near the shallows, or go deep where the really good stuff is?

(Did we mention everyone’s sharing one air tank?)


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle



Number of Players2-4 Play Time60 minutes Ages11+

Recapture the magic. Play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville from their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to their last.

Dark forces are taking root in the school and it’s up to you to equip spells and items to defeat these villainous forces. As you play, advance through the 7 boxes in the game that let you play through the 7 years of Harry Potter.

Find the best price for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Jungle Speed

Jungle Speed


Snap on Speed! Jungle Speed needs quick thinking as well as quick reflexes. See a match? Snatch the totem and claim Jungle Speed!

Players must rid their hand of cards by revealing them one at a time. If any cards are identical, those players must make a grab for the totem. Incorrect grabs or being too slow means you have to take more cards!

Find the best price for Jungle Speed


Love Letter


Love Letter


Number of Players2-4 Play Time20 minutes Ages10+

The Princess of Tempest has locked herself in the palace – so you and her other suitors must woo her with a letter. But can you get past the stalwart Guards, the scheming Countess, or the ambitious Baron?

Love Letter is a simple game with serious depth. Each player has a hand of two cards from a deck of sixteen – each turn one of their cards must be played – choosing which to play and whom to target is the entire meat of the game. Powerful cards can lead to early gains, but make you a target for other player’s schemes. Remember – only one love letter can reach Princess Annette – make sure it’s yours!


New York Slice


New York Slice

Number of Players2-6 Play Time30 minutes Ages8+


“I cut, you choose” taken to the next level. Welcome to New York Slice; can I take your order?

Every round, one player draws eleven slices of pizza and forms them into a circle. Each slice is worth a certain amount of points represented by pepperoni, and should a player be able to collect a majority of a certain type of slice by the end of the game (meat lovers, vegetarian, etc) they will score big points.

The slicer must divide the pizza however they want – however, the other players get first dibs! You can’t just slice it any way; you have to do a New York Slice.

Find the best price for New York Slice


Games for large groups


A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Number of Players5-10 Play Time20 minutes Ages8+

Finally! A drawing game for those who are bad at drawing.

In A Fake Artist Goes to New York players must, in turn, make a single line on a piece of paper to draw the topic given by the Question Master – perhaps a table, or justice. However, one of the players doesn’t know the topic, and must guess at what is being drawn.

If the players can figure out which among them is the fake artist, then the fake artist gets one chance to identify the object being drawn – in which case, they win!

Find the best price for A Fake Artist Goes To New York


Bang! The Dice Game

BANG! The Dice Game

Number of Players3-8 Play Time15 minutes Ages8+

It’s high noon. Time to saddle up and draw your sixguns – Renegades and Outlaws have taken up residence in that there township and it’s up to the Sheriff and his Deputies to restore order.

Bang! The Dice Game is a hidden role and dice rolling board game with simple rules, yet fun and frantic gameplay. Roll your dice yahtzee style, fire your gatling gun to take out swathes of bad guys, or watch as the dynamite blows up in your face.

Find the best price for Bang! The Dice Game


Codenames Pictures

Codenames: Pictures

Number of Players2-8 Play Time20 minutes Ages10+

Winner of the 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Codenames is a very clever social game where two rival spymasters try to get their team to contact all their agents first.

25 picture cards are randomly placed on the table, each with a different word representing the codenames of the agents. The clue “Grass 2” would imply that two of the agent’s codenames relate to the word grass. The first team to locate all of their agents wins; but beware the lethal assassin!

Buy Codenames Pictures




Number of Players2-6 Play Time45 minutes Ages13+

Based on Fauna, the Spiel des Jahres nominated trivia game, America is a quiz game about pop culture, history, and Americana.

Score points not just by guessing the correct answers in three different categories, but perhaps even by guessing that no one will get the answer right! Or if you know someone who’s good at trivia games, ride along on their answer! Features over 1,000 questions.

Find the best price on America: A Party Game Where Close Counts


Number of Players2-12 Play Time35 minutes Ages7+

Where will your muse guide you?

A stunningly beautiful game of cryptic clues and surreal imagery, Muse is a party game that can be played co-operatively or competitively in teams.

Each team will have a Muse that will attempt to guide their team to the correct answer – the questions are set by members of the other teams. Lead your fellow teammates to inspiration and collect more correct answers than the others.

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Wits & Wagers: Party


Wits & Wagers Party

Number of Players4-18 Play Time25 minutes Ages8+


Finally, a trivia board game where being good at trivia games doesn’t matter. This is Wits & Wagers!

Played in the style of a quiz show, Wits & Wagers teams must guess the answer to a trivia question: How many feet wide is the standard NFL football field? Once all teams have guessed, you then make bets on which team’s answer is closest to the real answer. If you know Uncle Danny is a sports maniac, you can put big money on his answer to score tons of points! …or does he know this and intentionally flubbed his answer to make you lose out while putting a big bet on the real answer?

Find the best price for Wits & Wagers: Party


Games for geeks


Star Trek: Ascendancy

Star Trek: Ascendancy

Number of PlayersPlay Time180 minutes Ages14+

Space: The final frontier. Meet new life, explore new systems… and face your enemies

Star Trek: Ascendancy is a 4X game (Exploration, Expansion, Exploitation, Extermination) designed to be accessible while retaining the elements that made Star Trek so great. Each player in Ascendancy takes up the mantle of either the Federation, the Klingons, or the Romulans and must bring their faction to victory as they forge new space lanes, spread your culture, defend your territory, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Find the best price for Star Trek: Ascendancy


Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

Number of Players3-6 Play Time240 minutes Ages14+


Twilight Imperium is an epic science fiction board game that is unlike anything else you have ever played. A game where conquest can be made at the trade summit and the halls of the senate as easily as in the violence of fleet combat. Annex worlds, research powerful technology, assemble new allies, and negotiate truces with your opponents, all in the name of being crowned emperor of this Twilight Imperium.

Back in a sleek new edition with streamlined rules, upgraded components and stellar new art, prepare to be wowed by board gaming’s most epic game. Pax magnifica, bellum gloriosum.

Find the best price for Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition





Number of Players1-4 Play Time180 minutes Ages14+

War. War never changes.

Fallout is an adventure and exploration board game set in the wasteland. Gather allies, explore the irradiated wastes, talk to people, get gear, level up – and of course, because this is Fallout – fight enemies.

Players can play competitively or work together as they make decisions that will have later consequences. Play as a ghoul, super mutant, wastelander, Vault Dweller, or knight of the Brotherhood of Steel and balance the wasteland’s various factions against each other – or risk the world being conquered by factions beyond your control.

Find the best price for Fallout


This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Number of Players1-6 Play Time120 minutes Ages18+


Our October Game of the Month, This War of Mine is a co-operative board game about morality and survival, co-designed by one of the designers of the 2016 smash hit Cry Havoc.

Build beds, stoves, and water filters while encountering thieves, soldiers, and refugees. Will you help a family at the risk of starvation? Will you loot and steal from others in order to survive? This War of Mine is a world of grey morality filled with difficult decisions – in war, not everyone is a soldier.

Find the best price for This War of Mine

A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones


Number of Players3-6 Play Time240 minutes Ages14+

The King is dead, and the mighty Houses seize the opportunity to claim power for themselves. Set in the world of the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, players play as one of the six Great Houses of Westeros – from honorable Stark in the north to wealthy Lannister in the West – all corners of the continent brace for battle as negotiation, alliances, and daggers in the dark come together in a storm of swords – For only one may sit the Iron Throne, and the Game of Thrones is played for keeps.

Find the best price for A Game of Thrones



Number of Players3-5 Play Time60 minutes Ages12+

Based on the first person arena shooters of the late 90s, Adrenaline is a fast-paced game with no dice, euro-style mechanics, and plenty of fun!

In Adrenaline, players pick up weapons from the arena – from such classics as the rocket launcher and shotgun, to zany inventions like the cyberblade and the T.H.O.R. Being damaged isn’t a big deal as your character becomes stronger and faster – but watch your ammo and make sure to maximize your point scoring if you want to win!

Find the best price for Adrenaline


Games for two (or even one!)





Number of Players1-2 Play Time15 minutes Ages14+

Set in the realm of dreams, Onirim casts the players as dreamwalkers, lost in a mysterious labyrinth. Players must work to gather dreams of the same type to open doors, or expend powerful keys – but lurking in the labyrinth are nightmares that can ruin your attempts to escape.

Onirim also comes with mini expansions, including The Towers, Happy Dreams and Dark Premonitions, and The Book of Steps Lost and Found which add both a way to help and hinder the player’s search for the doors.


Nemo’s War

Nemo's War

Number of Players1-4 Play Time120 minutes Ages13+

The classic solo game in a new edition, with gorgeous new art and graphic design. Command the amazing Nautilus as Captain Nemo, and experience the journey twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

Set sail on missions of research, exploration, and combat as you traverse previously unexplored waters. Fight off giant squids, fight the navies of the world, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Find the best price for Nemo’s War


Mage Knight

Mage Knight

Number of Players1-4 Play Time150 minutes Ages14+

The Atlantean Empire is ripe for the taking. As a powerful Mage Knight, you’ve been sent to recruit the natives, slay their monsters, and defeat their cities!

Designed by the masterful Vlaada Chvátil and regarded as one of the world’s finest low player count games, Mage Knight lets you build your army, learn new spells and powerful abilities, and explore the land in many different scenarios, whether competitive, cooperative, and solo modes.

Find the best price for Mage Knight


7 Wonders: Duel

7 Wonders: Duel


Number of PlayersPlay Time30 minutes Ages10+

Based on the hit card drafting game, Duel forces you into direct conflict as you compete over resources, scientific developments, and military conquest in an effort to develop your civilization.

Unlike the parent game, in 7 Wonders: Duel, players do not draft cards simultaneously from a hand of cards, rather, they draft them from a display of face-up and face-down cards on the table that is set up at the beginning of each round.

Blue Moon Legends

Blue Moon Legends


Number of PlayersPlay Time30 minutes Ages14+

Blue Moon, creator of all things, has disappeared. The city which bears his name has plunged into chaos – as the dragons have come forth to guard the holy crystal and the royal heirs battle for the throne…

Blue Moon Legends collects all the content of Blue Moon, the classic Reiner Knizia card game of influence and elemental power. Players bring new characters to the battle, cast powerful sorceries, and force the ancient dragons of the city to join your side.

Find the best price for Blue Moon Legends





Number of Players2-4 Play Time20 minutes Ages8+
The sun-drenched island of Santorini beckons you, one of the mighty Greek gods. It will take all your cunning and skill in order to claim victory in this gorgeous abstract board game.
In Santorini, players must navigate three dimensional space as they build towers and buildings on the raised board. Players compete to raise their structures, with the objective being to stand atop a three-storey tower – and both players play out, checker-style, placing new buildings, and playing as one of dozens of characters from Greek myth.

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