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BoardGamePrices 2017 Christmas Gift Guide Part 1!

Posted Wednesday, 20-Dec-2017

The year’s smash hits, games for word lovers, two player games, and the best of science fiction

Compiled by Calvin Wong



Big Games


War. War never changes.

Fallout is an adventure and exploration board game – gather allies, explore the irradiated wastes, talk to people, gather gear, level up – and of course, because this is Fallout – fight enemies.

Players can play competitively or work together as they make decisions that will have later consequences. Play as a ghoul, super mutant, wastelander, Vault Dweller, or knight of the Brotherhood of Steel and balance the wasteland’s various factions against each other – or risk the wasteland being conquered by factions beyond your control.

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The land needs a hero. You’re just a mercenary.

Welcome to Gloomhaven – a truly epic co-operative board game of diceless tactical combat in a persistent world.

Over many sessions of Gloomhaven, players will fight through dungeons, level up, make moral decisions that will permanently affect their world, and discover new lands. With 95 scenarios and 17 character classes in the box, Gloomhaven offers years of content to discover.

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

The world did its best. It wasn’t good enough.

In Season 2 of Pandemic: Legacy, the final fragments of humanity live their lives on the open seas in hiding from the plague that ravaged the planet. But the cities, holding out for 71 years, have begun dropping off the grid…

Continuing the events of the critical smash hit Pandemic Legacy, this co-operative narrative board game experience will deliver a story in a way unique to board games. Your decisions in one game will carry over to the next as you make permanent changes to your copy of the game. Unlock new components. Destroy old ones. Watch as your favorite character succumbs to their wounds.  Buy Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 for an epic cooperative experience like no other.

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Star Wars Legion

Take command of the ground war with Star Wars: Legion, the two player board game of land-based battles with iconic characters and weapons. Whether elite Rebel strike teams or a legion of stormtroopers – from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader himself, command the battlefield and prove your skills at fire and maneuver.

With dozens of unique miniatures and plenty of room for you to customize each unit, buy Star Wars Legion to replicate the iconic battles of the Star Wars universe – whether you choose to fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.

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Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

The halls of the palace have lain empty for hundreds of generations. None have come forward to once more rule the galaxy… Until now.

Twilight Imperium is an epic science fiction board game that is unlike anything else you have ever played. A game where conquest can be made at the trade summit and the halls of the senate as easily as in the violence of fleet combat. Annex worlds, research powerful technology, assemble new allies, and negotiate truces with your opponents, all in the name of being crowned emperor of this Twilight Imperium.

Back in a sleek new edition with streamlined rules, upgraded components and stellar new art, prepare to be wowed by board gaming’s most epic game. Featuring expansive game systems with relatively simple rules, buy Twilight Imperium if you want to watch your story of civilization unfold on your table, or if you want to experience one of board gaming’s singular experiences. It is truly like nothing else.

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Two Player Games


Engage in epic fantasy battles in Battlelore Second Edition. Updated from the classic game of fantasy warfare (based on the Command and Colors system used in games like Memoir ’44) to the Terrinoth setting used in games like Descent and Runebound, Battlelore pits the stalwart human Daqan Lords and their magic against the horrifying demons of the Uthuk Y’llan.

Each game of Battlelore lets players craft their armies, position them carefully in a game of bluff and counterbluff, and then unleash them upon the enemy in order to achieve their objectives. Expose enemy flanks with your cavalry, rain poisonous arrows upon their heads – or use the force of your Roc Warrior or Chaos Lord to tear through enemy ranks.

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Are you looking for a game where you pick and cook delicious mushrooms, dipped in honey and basted with butter? Look no further than Morels!

Morels is a head to head card game where players compete to pick the most desirable mushrooms in the forest – from fairy rings to lawyer’s wigs and the rare and delicious morels – but beware! The poisonous Destroying Angel might put paid to your plans.

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Patchwork is a light, two-player board game where players are each attempting to piece together a quilt using oddly shaped, tetris-like tiles. Players use buttons to purchase new tiles to add to their quilt but they must be picky in which tiles to select as buttons also count as victory points at the end of the game. Rather than always alternating turns during a game of Patchwork, the player who is furthest behind on the central time board gets to play, meaning they may be able to take multiple turns in a row.

Once both players reach the end of the time board, the game ends and buttons minus empty spaces on a player’s quilt board determine their final score.

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The Fog of War

...and all the pieces matter.

The Fog of War is a two player World War 2 strategy board game with no units.

Instead, the game focuses entirely on the strategic theatre of operations – players must plan invasions months in advance, gathering forces and planning logistics – but your opponent is trying to spy on your plans and gather intelligence so they can counterattack or defend appropriately – and if you suspect they know what you’re doing, should you scrap the invasion or continue hoping your plans haven’t been scuppered?

The Fog of War is a game of bluff and counterbluff, of ruses and smoke and mirrors. Deploy your armies, navies, and air forces against your opponent in planned operations to try and take territory by surprise. Or plan a stiff defense by getting inside knowledge of your opponent’s plans, or simply reading their mind…

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Star Wars Rebellion

May the Force be with us.

Want a Star Wars game where you can build not one, but two Death Stars, blow up the Wookie’s home planet, or freeze Princess Leia in carbonite? Or how about sending Han Solo on a daring rescue mission to save Luke from being turned to the Dark Side?

Star Wars: Rebellion is the epic galaxy-wide board game you’ve been waiting for. Players take on opposing, asymmetric factions – the Imperial forces who spread their massive military might across the board, or the Rebel Alliance, trying to galvanise the galaxy to rise up against the Empire.

With over 150 plastic miniatures and characters spanning the entire original trilogy of films, buy Star Wars: Rebellion if you’re looking for an epic Star Wars experience like no other.

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Games for Word Lovers


It’s the Scrabble-like word game where you don’t have to share – Who’s ready to open some Bananagrams?

In Bananagrams, players work on their own grid of tiles to make words as they continue to peel tiles from the bag. As they get more and more tiles, players are encouraged to rearrange, rebuild, and re-do their word grid until they are the first player to finish without any mistakes!

Buy Bananagrams for a board game of frantic word-based fun.

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Winner of the 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Codenames is a social board game where two rival spymasters know the identities of 25 secret agents and have to attempt to get their teammates to make contact with all their team’s agents first. 25 cards are randomly placed on the table, each with a different word representing the codenames of the agents.

The spymasters take turns giving clues consisting of a single word and a number in an effort to get their teammates to find the correct agents. For instance, the clue “Grass 2” would imply that two of the agent’s codenames relate to the word grass. The first team to locate all of their agents wins. But beware the assassin card. If a team selects the assassin, the other team automatically wins.

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Your dream of becoming a famous paperback writer has almost come true. All you need are the words!

Paperback is a fun little card game of words and deck building. Each player must craft their deck of word cards in order to spell out good words and score points, scrabble style – but each letter also has a powerful ability, and some abilities are better than others…

Combining a cute theme with wordplay and classic deckbuilding mechanics, buy Paperback to see for yourself what this bestseller is all about.

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Word on the Street

It’s a game of tug-of-words with Word on the Street, the team-based game of word lanes!

On a turn, one team is presented with a category such as “types of fruit” or “something a player is wearing”, and that team has thirty seconds to come up with an answer in that category, then move the letters in that word toward their side of the game board. Any letters in the word that

are not on the game board are skipped. If the answer were “pineapple”, for example, the team would move P, N, P, P and L.

If a team moves a letter off the game board, it has claimed that letter and that tile will not move for the remainder of the game. The first team to claim eight letter tiles wins!

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Word Slam

Shortlisted for the 2017 Spiel des Jahres, Word Slam is a game of simultaneous, fast-paced word guessing by designers Inka and Markus Brand, the authors of Village.

“EAT, YELLOW, CIRCLE — do you mean pancakes? Or pineapple rings? Oh wait, the CIRCLE is DIVIDED? So something that you eat that is yellow and semicircular? Uh, is it, maybe…a banana?”

Buy Word Slam for a fast-playing game of action, suspense, and words! Get ready to slam!

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For more great games, check out our Black Friday Gift Picks and watch this space for the rest of our Christmas Gift Guide.

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