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Board Games News Brief June 3 2015

Posted Wednesday, 3-Jun-2015

Stronghold to Release The Golden Ages

Stronghold Games will be releasing an English language version of Luigi Ferrini’s civilization game The Golden Ages.


board game news June 3 01
The Golden Ages drew a lot of positive attention with its combination of exploration across an expanding board and building up your empire.


Originally released in a limited print run in time for Spiel 2014, this game drew a lot of positive attention with its combination of exploration across an expanding board and building up your empire. At a ninety minute playing time, it has the advantage of being faster to play than most civilization games, for when you want to dominate the world in a single evening.


Smash Up and Munchkin Combine

AEG has provided a series of previews for their new expansion for Paul Peterson’s Smash Up, which combines the deck shuffling game with the classic comedy dungeon crawler Munchkin.


SU8 Box_Top
Minions and monsters mix for more adventures in Paul Peterson’s Smash Up Munchkin edition.


Smash Up: Munchkin adds treasures and monsters to the mix in true Munchkin style, along with extra minions and actions such as the Hobbit-style unexpected party. With the John Kovalic art that makes Munchkin so appealing, it’s one of the most fun looking game expansions of the year.


Join the Age of Ultron with Dice Masters

If you loved Avengers: Age of Ultron and want a way to keep re-living it outside the cinema, then Wizkids has you covered. They’ve announced Dice Masters: Age of Ultron, an expansion for their dice battling superheroes game that can also be played as a stand-alone game.


board game news June 3 03
Fight as your favorite superheroes in Dice Masters Age of Ultron game.


Whether you want to dominate the world as Ultron or smash things up as Hulk, it’s a chance to get your superhero game on.


Android: Netrunner Gains Data and Destiny

Fantasy Flight have announced the next deluxe expansion for the Android: Netrunner card game, Data and Destiny.

board game news June 3 04
The new Data and Destiny card game expansion offers a greater variety of play styles.


This really digs into the cyberpunk theme of controlling knowledge by revealing more about information-focused mega-corp NBN, whose media power and advertisements may make this dystopian future feel uncomfortably close to modern reality. It also adds three new runner mini-factions, a first since the original set, for greater variety of play styles.


Quick Kickstarters

board game news June 3 05
Battalia immerses players in a detailed and beautiful looking strategy-based world.


Fantasmagoria Games have combined deckbuilding with map laying and strategic movement in a beautiful looking fantasy world with their game Battalia: The Creation.

Immortal by Game-O-Gami is a strategy game in which gods and monsters from a wide variety of mythical pantheons battle for domination.

If you want a game suitable for younger children but still entertaining for older players then check out Backyard Bugs by John Jackson’s April May Games, a set collection game that lets you force other players into collecting the bugs they don’t want.

board game news June 3 06
Dice Sports’ new Z War One forces players to fight off the undead however possible.


Z War One by Dice Sports combines comics and miniatures gaming for an expanding game of survival against the undead hoards.

In the party games and story-telling department, Tropes: Horror Show Edition by Tropes Unlimited promises a lot of fun as you and your friends tell a horror story twisting around the familiar clichés of the genre.

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