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Board Game Review of Reviews: Flick ‘Em Up

Posted Tuesday, 19-Jan-2016

A compilation of reviews for Flick ‘Em Up.

Contributed by Crystal Pisano


Released in 2015 from designers Gaëtan Beaujannot (Concept) and Jean Yves Monpertuis and published by Pretzel Games (a new studio within F2Z Entertainment), Flick ‘Em Up is a dexterity-based disc flicking game where the players form two teams, the lawmen and the outlaws of the Cooper Clan, and battle it out in the wild, wild west . Your flicking skills aren’t all you need to win though. Skill and strategy are necessary to outwit and defeat your opponents in this western adventure game.

Brittany Belling of The Domestic Geek Blog gives an interesting way to describe this game to your friends with her comparison to childhood make-believe:

“So let’s take you back to that time where you were an adorable little kid, playing in the yard. You have your awesome Sheriff badge and pistol and you’re taking out the neighbor kids in a pretend, yet serious duel. Now imagine that, but teeny tiny, on your dining room table, and basically a little more socially acceptable to play when you’re well into your adult life.”

How do you play Flick ‘Em Up?

There are 10 scenarios to choose from in the base game. Once you choose a scenario it will give you a diagram to show you how to set up your a miniature western town complete with buildings like a saloon, town hall, and general store and fun wooden accessories like cacti, barrels and hay bales. You then place your cowboys for both teams according to the setup diagram  as well.


The box, rule book, scenario book, and components of the game
The box, rule book, scenario book, and components of the game


Basic gameplay involves flicking a wooden disc to move your team’s cowboys and flicking little grey discs to shoot bullets. Comparisons have been made between this game and the dexterity dungeon crawler, Catacombs.

Zinger from The Chalk – Board Game Reviews gives a little more information about how you keep track of things during a turn of the game:

“The rules for Flick ‘Em Up are easy. Cowboys activate in initiative order, starting with whoever is carrying the pretzel. Once a cowboy is activated, flip their hat over to the other side. You will always know if a cowboy has gone this turn because [the color of] his hat will not match the clock on the town hall. Once all the cowboys have been activated, turn the clock hand to the next time or color for the next round.”


The color of the cowboy hats helps you know which cowboys have already activated during any given round
The color of the cowboy hats helps you know which cowboys have already activated during any given round.


Dan King, the “Game Boy Geek” explains in his video review on The Dice Tower’s YouTube Channel how the scenarios help you learn more advanced gameplay as you progress:

“As the scenarios go on they typically add a little bit of complexity, not a lot, but they just add little rules and different things that can happen. So we go to scenario four, it adds dynamite and give to an accomplice. We go to scenario five and it talks about poisoning. Six talks about the rifle. So, it slowly adds the foundation of learning and not that these are hard mechanics, but it’s good that it lets you ease into it.”


The starting setup of one of the scenarios
The starting setup of one of the scenarios


How many players can play Flick ‘Em Up?

Flick ‘Em Up plays with anywhere from 2 to 10 players. Games with player count options this diverse sometimes don’t play well at both the low and high end of the scale but Dan King explains that this isn’t the case with Flick ‘Em Up:

“The thing I really like about this is 2 to 10 players. Now you might say, ‘shoot, if I have that many players…isn’t it boring for you to play?’ It’s not, because even though it alternates from player to player… it’s a team versus team game…and in this case you get up to four other teammates and when it’s their turns you try to strategize with them, you’re trying to talk about what other players might do later that turn, you’re rooting each other on, you’re high-fiving each other when he nails the guy in the duel, and it’s fun! So even playing at the higher player count it opens it up to that and it’s still fun.”


What about the game’s components?

There seems to be a general consensus that the wooden box and all the pieces within are very impressive. Regarding the components, Zinger says:

“The wooden box is really nice; I mean, this feels like a premium product. All the components are wood or really heavy, thick cardboard. The rule books are really nice quality, everything in this game is just top-notch quality.”


There is even a little cardboard gallows. A hanging has never been this cute.
There is even a little cardboard gallows. A hanging has never been this cute.


Dale Yu of The Opinionated Gamers mentions the one problem he had with the components:

“The components are nice, though I do wish that there were at least one more movement disc included in the game.  It seems like we’re always having to find the single movement disc and passing it around the table as many turns involve movement.  For comparison, there are four bullets included in the game.”


So is Flick ‘Em Up worth trying out?

This game is finding fans with gamers of all kinds and can be played by adults and children alike. Brittany Belling enthusiastically states, “The components are absolutely amazing, the box is probably the most bad a** board game box out there, and the game play is ridiculously fun. Even if you suck at dexterity games, it’s still fun!”

Dale Yu also adds his stamp of approval to Flick ‘Em Up when he says, “The game delivers exactly what it advertises, a fun action-packed game with just enough strategy to keep it from being strictly a dexterity game.”

Zinger agrees with the others saying “If you like dexterity games and the price tag isn’t too much for you, you should jump at this one. It is really fun. If you like to flick things, this is the game for you. Pretzel Games did a really good job with their first game.”

And finally, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower throws in his two cents by saying, “This game is FUN. F. U. N. FUN! I’m telling you, I love it. I really do… This is probably the best western-themed game there is… Highly recommended from me.”

So if you’re looking for a miniaturized version of the wild wild west and a fun game that involves a little dexterity and a little strategy that plays well with both a small and large number of players, Flick ‘Em Up is the game for you!

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