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Board Game News May 27 2015

Posted Wednesday, 27-May-2015


Contributed by Andrew Knighton

Final Release for Game of Thrones Card Game First Edition

Fantasy Flight has released the latest expansion pack for the first edition of their Game of Thrones Card GameThe Blue is Calling. Adding House Arryn characters to your battle for the Iron Throne, it’s also the last release for this version of the game.


The Blue is Coming
A Game of Thrones: The Blue is Calling


Rather than just abandoning the original game and its fans, Fantasy Flight has done a good job of providing new cards and supporting competitive play up to the end, and it’ll be interesting to see what changes the second edition brings.


Playtesters Sought for XenoShyft

If you’re a fan of Cool Mini Or Not’s XenoShyft game, or looking to try something new that combines deck building, resource management and fast paced combat, then now’s your chance to get involved in shaping XenoShyft’s future.  CMON is looking for players to test out the Dreadmire expansion of their dark science fiction game of exploration and survival.


XenoShyft’s publisher Cool Mini or Not is looking for playtesters.


Head deep into the swamps as you face terrible monsters and atrocious weather for the NorTec mining company, and in the process help refine the game.


Apocalypse Chaos Presents Alien-Fighting Excitement

Also in the realm of cooperative alien-fighting games, Z-Man Games has announced the upcoming release of Apocalypse Chaos, in which one to four players fight off attacks on a spaceship.  With games like XenoShyft, Dead of Winter and The Walking Dead: The Best Defense already out, there’s no shortage of cooperative survival games.


Apocalypse Chaos
Z-Man Games has announced the upcoming release of Apocalypse Chaos.


At first glance this one looks like it might have a Pitch Black vibe, but whether that’s true, and whether it’s novelty enough to distract from those games, only time will tell.


Big Giveaway From Mantic Games

British company Mantic Games is giving away over £800 worth of their DreadBall miniatures game and its expansions, and all you have to do for a chance to win is sign up to their mailing list.


Mantic Games is giving away over £800 worth of DreadBall miniatures.


DreadBall is a fun, fast moving science fiction sports game in which you can play teams of robots, tentacle aliens or cheating monkey clones. If you’re already a player, this is a chance to add to your game, and if not it’s a great chance to try the game out.


Minions Games Coming From Tactic

Tactic Games has secured the license to produce games based on the popular Minions characters from the hit movie Despicable Me.


Despicable Me Minions
Despicable Me Minions


Given the license and the company, you probably won’t see any deep strategic games come from this, but if you love those little yellow balls of fun, or you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, then this may produce something fun for you.  Banana?


Quick Kickstarters

Academy Games and Ascyron are looking to bring back a classic with the kickstarter for Mare Nostrum – Empires, an expanded version of Serge Laget’s game of territorial control and trade in the ancient Mediterranean.


Mare Nostrum - Empires
Mare Nostrum – Empires


Middara by Succubus Publishing promises a cooperative fantasy adventure game with high production values, including some unique and nicely crafted miniatures.




If you prefer your adventures piratical then take a look at Empires at Sea by Zach and Amy Silverzweig, which combines historical events with high seas action as players sail a map of the 18th century Atlantic.


Empires at Sea
Empires at Sea


For something less serious check out Oliver Smith’s We Have Goats, a tile laying game in which you are challenged to herd your goats safely home past volcanoes, whirlwinds, internet trolls, the break bad hermit crab, and all manner of other craziness.


We Have Goats
We Have Goats

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