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Board Game News Brief: September 9, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 9-Sep-2015

The Force Awakens, Friedemann Friese releases 504 new games, and Viticulture back in print.

Contributed by Calvin Wong


X-Wing: Star Wars Episode 7 TIE-in.

The Force Awakens! In conjunction with the upcoming Star Wars film, Fantasy Flight Games has released their brand new X-Wing Miniatures Game core set, with new ship models and new cards


New film = New ships.
New film = New ships.


The new core set contains a T-70 X-Wing and two First Order Tie Fighters from the film. Despite having brand new model sculpts and paint schemes, these ships remain fully compatible with current X-Wing sets and are an excellent choice for new players who are looking for a second core set.


Reiner Kinizia’s Res Publica receives Sci-Fi update

From the designer of Tigris & Euphrates comes this set collection and trading card game. Originally published in 1991, Res Publica is being updated as Res Publica: 2033 AD.


The art of Res Publica: 2033AD
The art of Res Publica: 2033AD


Along with slick science fiction artwork, the game is being updated to feature new win conditions and card effects. The object of Res Publica: 2033 AD is to build a certain number of Cities by collecting sets of Race cards. Players can opt to build Space Stations to improve their technology, translating into in-game abilities while attempting to trade cards with other players.

The game will be released at Essen in October.


Viticulture: Essential Edition announced; includes expansion modules

After selling out of the second edition of Viticulture, Stonemaier games is now putting out the Viticulture Essential Addition, which is now available for pre-order on their website.


Alternate title: The Grapes of Peace
Alternate title: The Grapes of Peace


The Essential Edition includes the Second Edition of the game and 4 of the 12 expansion modules from Tuscany. In Viticulture, players grow and harvest grapes in order to make and sell wine. This worker placement game has received many accolades, and the Tuscany expansion (which contains Legacy style mechanics as players ‘uncork’ new modules through play) has been hailed as one of the greatest expansions of all time.

Carcassonne Expansions announced for Revised Edition

Classic tile laying game Carcassonne recently received an art upgrade and two of its expansions are now following suit. Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders have been given the Revised Edition treatment, featuring all new art.


More to follow!
More to follow!


Gameplay has not changed and the tiles are technically compatible with earlier editions of Carcassonne, although their faces are not guaranteed to entirely match. Afficionados of Carcassonne consider Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders to be two of the must-have expansions for this title.


504 games in one box, now available to preorder

From designer Friedemann Friesse comes his bold new experiment: 504. The game comes with nine modules, including Pick-Up and Deliver, Military, Exploration, Roads, and Production. Each game, players will choose 3 modules to join together to form an entirely unique experience.


Parallel universes, apparently.
Parallel universes, apparently.


The game’s title stems from the 504 possible permutations of modules, and promises nearly endless gameplay for 2 to 4 players in under 2 hours. 504 is now available to preorder from Stronghold Game’s website.


Quick Kickstarters

Fantasy RPGs meet Legacy mechanics in diceless co-operative game Gloomhaven.


No one ever smiles in these.
No one ever smiles in these.


In this game, 1 to 4 players will fight their way through hordes of enemies, while along the way unlocking new hero classes, items, hero perks – permanently changing how their copy of the game plays.

Mech Deck is a tactical board game where players build and customize their own plastic mechs before each game begins. Promising modular boards and a mech component draft system, the game is for 2 to 4 players and will be releasing no sooner than late 2016.

Zombies without miniatures? Perish the thought – or don’t, as The Last 52 Meeples on Earth arrives on Kickstarter.


Wood vs The World
Wood vs The World

This game sees players commanding the last remnants of the army, medical personnel, and engineers as they desperately build a rocket to escape into space while defending against the horde.

Orbital operations and ground combat combine in Renegades: Destiny Aurora. Filled with shamelessly campy science fiction tropes, this competitive game will include random map generation and play for 1 to 4 players.

The Networks features one of the more original themes in recent memory.


If only real TV looked this original.
If only real TV looked this original.


Players are TV network executives who are trying to create the best shows, recruit the top stars, and put out the most effective ads. 1 to 5 players compete to assemble the best prime time lineup while keeping a close eye on their cash.

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