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Board Game News Brief: September 30 2015

Posted Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015

Play an 18 player game of Civilization, watch an in-Fury-atingly short preview video, and get your Ticket to Ride in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Contributed by Calvin Wong

A truly epic game of Civilization

For 5 to 18 players and lasting from 1 to 12 hours, the appropriately named Mega Civilization is an update of the classic 1980 Civilization board game.  Players must balance culture, economic, politics, civics, religion, and science as they journey through 8,000 years of history.


Look at the size of 'er!
Look at the size of ‘er!


The game comes with several length variants, with the shortest being 1 to 2 hours, but with over 2,000 tokens and 1,500 cards, this is by no means a small game. For those in search of a great journey through human history, however, it might be worth looking into.


Announcing Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition

It’s here! One of the hottest titles of the last year has received its first expansion. Featuring fourteen new factions, seven new start planets, and new dice types, Ambition certainly has its sights set high.


You can really feel the ambition in this art!
You can really feel the ambition in this art!


The designers have published a preview where you can have a look at some of the new components and design philosophies behind the expansion.


Ticket to Ride UK/Pennsylvania available for pre-order

The latest expansion for Ticket to Ride takes us to the British Isles and the great state of Pennsylvania. Featuring a two-sided board and different cards and components for each module, this expansion introduces technology upgrades, buying shares in your opponent’s train companies, and an entirely new deck of train cards with a different composition from the base game.


It's apparently very cold over there.
It’s apparently very cold over there.


The UK expansion plays from 2 to 4 players while the Pennsylvania module adds a 5th player, and is now available for pre-order. The game debuts at Essen but will have a general release in mid-November.


New Preview Video for Fury of Dracula

The new edition of Fury of Dracula comes ten full years after the previous edition was released. Out of print for ages, the long-awaited 3rd Edition fixes many of the gripes with the game while retaining the one vs many gameplay and the classic horror tone.



The game is set to release in November.


Quick Kickstarters

From the designers of Citadels, Mascarade, and Shadows over Camelot comes Argo, a science fiction board game about escaping a space station overrun by aliens.


Run, inappropriately dressed space people, run!
Run, inappropriately dressed space people, run!


The game also features art by the illustrator of Small World, Cyclades and 7 Wonders.

There are not enough games about puppies. Agility seeks to remedy this – a game about training dogs and putting them through the Dog Agility obstacle course designed by the team behind the whimsical yet cutthroat Morels.

First an app, now a real time cooperative card game – Spaceteam is a game where players must race to fix their rapidly deteriorating vessel and blast off to the stars.


Whimsy! Science!
Whimsy! Science!


Its unique yet adorable graphical style sets Spaceteam apart – in another fit of uniqueness, backers can also opt a Not Safe For Space ‘mature audiences only’ expansion.

Dark Tales of Nadaras evokes images of the computer game Age of Empires but with a Renaissance Steampunk twist. A hybrid euro-amerigame with combat and technological advancement, Nadaras feels like an interesting take on a familiar genre.

Family friendly yet intense, Little Pig is described as a fairytale take on the Three Little Pigs story but with a slight twist. The pigs are each trying to build their own house, but a co-operative game this is not – especially not in a game where you can call the Wolf on your opponents.

This game however IS co-operative: Spirit Island plays like reverse Settlers of Catan as players take on the roles of various spirits of the elements to drive the European colonizers from the island in order to save the native inhabitants from their cities and their steel.

Finally, Clear for Takeoff bills itself as’The Most Realistic Aviation Board Game In The World.’ and it just might do it, too.


Comes with real wings.
Comes with real wings.


Heavily influenced by real aviation experience and done in a 60’s pinup art style, the game casts players as airlines who are trying to get all their planes in the air while dealing with snow, breakdowns, delays, and various other airport disasters.

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