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Board Game News Brief: September 3, 2016

Posted Saturday, 3-Sep-2016

A new expansion for Cyclades; time to sail the 7 Seize; Citadels in an affordable package; and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Cyclades: Monuments brings buildings with power.

Monuments was announced way back in February, but now we have box art! This small expansion for the auction and area control game of Greek gods sees more interesting buildings for your game of island hopping and deity-favoring.


Towers of Power
Towers of Power


Cyclades‘ victory condition is to build 8 buildings, transforming them into cities on the way, with each building giving an ability when built. Monuments looks to take this and turn it up to 11, as each monument built gives unique powers while counting towards your victory condition.


Farmageddon is both cute and in a new Farm Fresh edition.

From the designer of Gen Con megahit war game Cry Havoc comes a smaller, slightly less violent title: Farmageddon! A game of hand management, crop planting, and weird science.


War, farming - next is the game about clouds.
War, farming – next is the game about clouds.


The Farm Fresh edition brings new art, new graphic design, and updated rules. Have you ever wanted to plant FrankenCrops, or prefer your wheat with a little bit of Sass? Check out Farmaggedon for your daily dose of weird vegetables.


Quick Kickstarters

One of the most unique (and funny!) projects to cross Kickstarter in a long time is The Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove. Evoking the grim humor of the Addams Family or the works of Edward Gorey, TEOoCC bills itself as ‘The game of strategy steeped in tragedy’


Poor, poor orphans.
Poor, poor orphans.


TEOoCC is a card game in which players must guide their Orphan through the spooky and tragic Condyle Cove while escaping all manner of misfortune – including the dreaded Boogeyman. Steeped in great art and a sense of humor to match (No seriously, go read the KS page) TEOoCC seems like a winner.


7 Seize is a pirate game that comes in a plastic box shaped like a captain’s hat that also doubles as the balance scale to weigh your booty.


The game boasts a wonderful art style (for the pirate hat image, click the KS link!)
The game boasts a wonderful art style (for the pirate hat image, click the KS link!)


Incredible sales pitch aside, the game has gorgeous art, a premise that sounds like the highest form of silly fun, and design by Jeep Barnett, a longtime employee of Valve, the video game company responsible for Portal and Half Life.

Finally, we have Carrotia! A co-operative tile laying game about rabbits.




Carrots are running low, and the hawks are circling overhead. Players must work against the clock to build a maze from tiles which the Master Rabbit can scurry through to grab the carrots, with help from rabbits like The Wizard and Captain Steam.


Citadels returns in a minimalist, portable, affordable edition.

The classic game of role selection and city building gets a, well, classic edition.




Citadels Classic does come with some elements of the game’s expansion, Dark City, but mostly aims to be a small package with a tiny box and a mere $13 retail price tag – a great game to throw in your bag and carry around in the hope of springing it upon unsuspecting non-gamers.

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