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Board Game News Brief: September 28, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 28-Sep-2016

Dominion and its expansion Intrigue get a Second Edition; Spy a look at the Robinson Crusoe upgrade kit; a raft of new GMT games; all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Robinson Crusoe 2nd Edition announces Upgrade Kit for owners of 1st Ed.

With the news last week that co-operative island survival game Robinson Crusoe would be getting a new edition, many owners of the original game were wondering what might happen to their copies.

Well fear no longer, as Portal Games has announced the Upgrade Kit.


Many shinies!
Many shinies!


Said kit will be available directly from the Portal Games webstore and will go for 20 dollars.

Robinson Crusoe is a co-operative game of survival. Players are trapped on an island and must forage for food, endure the elements, and survive attacks by dangerous creatures. The Second Edition will feature upgraded components, a new rulebook, and 7 new scenarios to play through.


GMT adds 6 games to the P500 pre-order list

Wargame manufacturer GMT games, publisher of the smash success Twilight Struggle, has updated their P500 list with six new titles.


Mm, wargames!
Mm, wargames!


GMT titles generally receive rave reviews despite being a slightly niche market.

The P500 is a way for GMT to gauge the demand for any upcoming titles. Any title on the list will not be produced until it has reached 500 pre-orders, and any customer may pre-order a game without being charged.


Quick Kickstarters

Starting us off is Doughnut Drive Thru, a cute game about making and serving delicious sweet doughnut treats.


Adorable! Delicious!
Adorable! Delicious!


With adorable artwork by the illustrator of Glory to Rome and The Networks and tiny wooden doughnuts (tiny wooden doughnuts!) Doughnut Drive Thru is definitely worth taking a look at.


Start up tech ventures are hard. Control Alt Deceit wants to make them harder.


It's all fun and games until someone loses an investor.
It’s all fun and games until someone loses an investor.


This fast playing card game set in the 80s challenges you to get a product, clients, and marketing campaign going while allowing for you to hack your opponent’s servers, sue them, or offer to buy them out.


And finally, popular exercise app Zombies, Run! has come up with an official board game adaptation.


Best name ever.
Best name ever.


The app is an audio storytelling experience which helps you stay in shape by letting you know when zombies are on your tail. There was also a settlement building game attached to Zombies, Run! so it’s not entirely surprising that they’ve expanded into the cardboard realm. With story-driven audio and fast, real time gameplay, Zombies, Run! looks like it could be a runner.


New editions of Dominion and Intrigue

The father of all deckbuilders has been updated. Rio Grande Games has announced new editions of Dominion and one of its most popular expansions: Intrigue.


New box!
New box!


The new editions (the rulebooks for which can be found here and here) has new cards, new art, and a game mat. Intrigue is also no longer a standalone game and is purely an expansion to Dominion.

The lists of cards changed are:

Added to Dominion: Artisan, Bandit, Harbinger, Merchant, Poacher, Sentry, Vassal

Removed from Dominion: Adventurer, Chancellor, Feast, Spy, Thief, Woodcutter

Added to Intrigue: Courtier, Diplomat, Lurker, Mill, Patrol, Replace, Secret Passage

Removed from Intrigue: Coppersmith, Great Hall, Saboteur, Scout, Secret Chamber, Tribute

Interestingly, almost all the new cards which feature characters has chosen to depict them as female, meaning the Witch is no longer the sole representation of her gender in the game.



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