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Board Game News Brief: September 27th, 2017

Posted Thursday, 28-Sep-2017

Resident Evil and Terminator come to your table, Fireteam Zero and 7th Continent reprints, Dice Hospital and more in this week’s News Brief

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Fight the future: T2029

Skynet is risen.



The Terminator board game has come to Kickstarter. Featuring gorgeous miniatures and time-traveling gameplay in which players must co-operate to fight the battle in the future while also protecting John Connor of the past, T2029 looks like a whole truckload of fun.



It’s on Kickstarter right now. I mean, what else do I have to say, it’s a Terminator board game!



Resident Evil 2 Rises on Kickstarter

Not your average zombie crawl.



From the creators of the Dark Souls board game comes RE2 and its first expansion, the B Files. Fight classic horrors and manage incredibly slim resources as you play as your favorite characters from the video game series. It’s also on Kickstarter right now.

The 7th Continent reprints, grows.

Surival/Exploration game 7th Continent is now on Kickstarter for its second printing, along with its expansion What Goes Up Must Come Down. Foreboding!



Featuring a gigantic gameworld with lots of exploration and difficult choices to make in many different scenarios, explore the 7th continent at your own period. Dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay await those who dare to journey here.


Quick Kickstarters


It’s hard not to fall in love with Dice Hospital, a game about healing the poor, sick dice who’ve come to your hospital for treatment.




Featuring a slick art style by Sabrina Miramon of Quadropolis and Photosynthesis fame,  manage your incoming and make sure no one gets sent to the morgue in this dice placement and management game.


From the designer of Cry Havoc comes Five Ravens, a 15 minute deckbuilding game of Gothic dangers.





This dark card game combines deck building and tableau construction – you must manage the cards in your hand to steal relics from the nefarious Baron. Five Ravens will probably not be available at retail and is very cheap so go back it!

Horror World War 2 game Fireteam Zero is back with a second printing. Battle horrendous monsters in the thick of the second World War to discover the evil behind their rise.





Fireteam Zero was well received for its rising tension, incredible dungeon crawl mechanics, and roster of badass heroes. If shooting up some monsters with a Thompson sounds like your idea of a great time, Fireteam Zero is your next stop.

Community Centerpiece



These absolutely gorgeous movie-style posters speak for themselves. They’re promotional material by Portal Games for their upcoming Alien Artifacts, about-to-be-released First Martians, and massive hit Cry Havoc. Unfortunately, these gorgeous posters will only be available from their webstore for Essen pickup, but for those who have a trip to Germany in the cards for next month, have at!

And that’s it for the News Brief! Check out our list of upcoming Essen releases and tune in next week for our roundup of which games we’re looking forward to the most!

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