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Board Game News Brief: September 23 2015

Posted Wednesday, 23-Sep-2015

Return to Medici, aim to misbehave, and go Back to the Future in this week’s Board Games News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong

New Edition of Reiner Knizia’s Medici

Classic auction title Medici returns 20 years after its initial publication. Australian company Grail Games is putting out a new edition of the game featuring component and rule additions, including a 2 player ruleset.


Trading in the Mediterranean!
Trading in the Mediterranean!


In the game, players compete to buy goods at auction to load onto their ships, and aim to have the most goods of the desired types loaded onto their vessels at the end of three rounds. The game will be released Q2 2016.


Announcing co-operative heist game Firefly: Fistful of Credits

Shiny! Let’s be bad guys! Toy Vault, publisher of 51st State, But Wait, There’s More! and previous Firefly title Out To The Black is previewing their new game set in the Firefly Universe, a sci-fi western with a penchant for misbehaving.


Component spread free of charge
Component spread free of charge


Featuring 3 scenarios from the TV show, Fistful of Credits promises a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ approach to co-op gameplay, and is available to preview on Toy Vault’s website.


Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time

Fire up your flux capacitor, it’s time to go Back to the Future! IDW Games continues their retro rampage through pop culture properties, following up on X-Files and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time.


I wonder how much more mileage they're going to get from this art
I wonder how much more mileage they’re going to get from this art


Designed by the same duo that brought you Fleet, Eggs and Empires, and Floating Market, An Adventure Through Time features ‘role selection, time travel, and hand management’.

English countryside detective-ing in Mystery! Motive for Murder

From one of the designers of Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mayfair Game’s Mystery! Motive for Murder is a macabre game of suspects and relationships in an English country manor. Set in the 1920s-30s and inspired by mystery series like Miss Marple, the game features an evolving board layout and an open-ended case system.


A macabre motive for mystery
A macabre motive for mystery


Each game takes place over three rounds as players attempt to interview suspects and untangle the web of relationships between the victim and the various people in the manor, uncovering secret loves, ancient family history, or torrid affairs which can point the blame away or towards their suspect of choice.

Quick Kickstarters

…and then we held hands may be one of the most unique games ever designed. A non-verbal cooperative game about restoring the balance of a relationship, it features art by the esteemed Marie Cardouat, artist of Dixit and Steam Park.


How can you not like a game where one of the moves is 'calm.'
How can you not like a game where one of the moves is ‘calm.’


Master Thief is a quick playing card game for 3-6 players about a museum heist and who can get away with the most loot. It also has one of the slickest Kickstarter videos I’ve ever seen.

Debuting this week are a pair of whimsical nature games, Dart Through the Amazon and Greatest of All Mountains. Dart features gorgeous watercolor art and involves collecting colorful dart frogs, while Greatest has players competing to shape terrain, build facilities such as resorts, and attract tourists. It also features skiing bunnies.

Never have the words ‘term break’ ‘child friendly’ and ‘blanket fort’ been so readily combined as in The Guardians: Explore. With a feel akin to fantasy summer camp, players take on the roles of children defending the town of Arthursburg from a monster invasion.


Cute kids kicking butt!
Cute kids kicking butt!


Arsenal: Arena Combat is a card driven mech combat game. Slick scifi artwork and a sponsored sports theme combine with positional combat and deck construction. Bring on the explosions!

Finally, two games set in the real world. The Award Winning Game is ‘unapolegetically about the advertising industry’ and casts players in the role of ruthless ad execs always out to get a little ahead. What’s a little blackmail and bribery between friends?


Too real? Only you can decide.
Too real? Only you can decide.


Speaking of which, Campaign Trail is a game about running for President of the United States. Boasting years of development and lovely graphic design, players must travel, caucus, campaign and win votes in order to get elected. Fear not, politically-averse gamers, the game swears that it ‘preserves friendships and family relationships!’

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