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Board Game News Brief: September 21st 2016

Posted Wednesday, 21-Sep-2016

An official League of Legends board game; the new edition of Robinson Crusoe; the long-awaited Kingdom Death Monster reprint; all this and more, in this week’s board game news brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


Robinson Crusoe gets new edition, new rulebook

Upgraded components, 7 new scenarios, and a brand new rulebook – all these are included in the new edition of Robinson Crusoe, which is now available for pre-order.


I'm surprised they got all those awards to fit.
I’m surprised they got all those awards to fit.


Portal Games has a sense of humor about the announcement – in their diagram showing the differences between the old and new versions, they outline the swanky new components – thicker cardboard, stickers for their wooden components – they ended with this image:




Robinson Crusoe’s rulebook has been criticized in the past, but the new one has already been posted online for old owners to download.


Kingdom Death: Monster reprint set for Kickstarter November 25th

The epic co-operative game of monster hunting and village building will have its first ever reprint. Billing itself as a ’boutique horror’ board game, KDM sports a cool $400 price tag, but comes with some of the largest and most detailed miniatures in all of gaming.


Lean back.
Lean back.


The game features craftable, customized, upgradeable armor kits, a story-based experience as your survivors fight to stay alive in a dark and difficult work, and some truly unique imagery.


The cover art on the 17 pound box.
The cover art on the 17 pound box.


The original Kickstarter raised a record breaking two million dollars, and it’s likely that the reprint will exceed that.


Quick Kickstarters

In other Kickstarter news, we’ve got Sagrada, a game about making stained glass windows.


It probably means window.
It probably means window.


Through dice drafting, players will try to construct their windows to achieve their objectives while making sure the color and shade of their dice match the window they’re trying to make

Ray Master is a game of mad science where you use a powerful ray to shrink dice!


Well okay, not literally shrink dice.
Well okay, not literally shrink dice.


As scientists competing for funding, you are trying to manipulate experiment results using the Redimensioning Ray to get the numbers to line up the way you need them to – or destroy the results of your opponents!

Finally we have Techno Bowl! A game of arcade football action where you design the plays and formations and where the dice won’t completely kill your odds.


Ooh! Feel the hits!
Ooh! Feel the hits!


The game’s dice system allows players some leeway when making rolls, and doesn’t require any actual football knowledge to play. Techno Bowl includes 5 different game modes, for faster play or more deep, strategic experiences.


Mechs Vs Minions: The official League of Legends board game.

Dropping on the blogosphere like an information bomb, Mechs vs Minions was announced this week by Riot Games, maker of the world’s most popular computer game.


The box weighs 16 pounds.
The box weighs 16 pounds.


Mechs Vs Minions is a co-operative, programmable movement game with a campaign mode – where 2 to 4 players take on the role of cute yordles learning to pilot mechanized robots – when their school is attacked by a huge wave of minions!


The ridiculously poor official components image.
The ridiculously poor official components image.


Featuring over 100 miniatures, including prepainted models for the player characters – the production quality on this game is absolutely jaw dropping. The official images do NOT do this game justice – we recommend this video to see the truly stunning components.

Despite the superlative component quality and multiple unlockable campaign missions, the game is available for $75 retail – but only through the official Riot Games website.

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