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Board Game News Brief: September 20th, 2017

Posted Thursday, 21-Sep-2017

Another Small World to explore, Specter Ops returns, and The Legend of Korra gets a game! All this and more in the Board Game News Brief.


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Take to the magical skies with Small World: Sky Islands

New maps, new races, and new special powers in this whimsical expansion to the area control game of a world too small.



Taking ‘this town ain’t big enough’ to the skies, Sky Islands vaults players into new cloud-bound playgrounds where controlling the whole of an island generates extra coins – but is harder than it seems! If airborne islands isn’t quite your jam, Small World has a whole raft of expansions to choose from.



Sky Island will be out at Essen.

Specter Ops is back

Plaid Hat Games has announced Broken Covenant, a standalone expansion for their science fiction hidden movement game.



Details are fairly light for now but if it’s in the pattern of their Long Night expansion for Dead of Winter, Broken Covenant will add all new content while being similar in mechanisms and rules.

New hunters, new agents, and a new facility are all in the cards, (as are, presumably, new cards). We’ll know more soon.


Specter Ops Spin Off: Crossfire

Social deduction in the Specter Ops universe, Crossfire is a game of hunt or be hunted in a world of uncertain identities.



Featuring the same designer as Specter Ops and but in a more animated-series visual style, Crossfire tasks players as assassins or agents trying to eliminate or protect the VIP as they make their way to their destination.



Confusing things are all the various roles, which make the situation more tense as players claim to be on various sides or teams. Did we mention the timer?

Crossfire will be out soon.

Quick Kickstarters

Let’s get ready to beeeeend! The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena is a two player game based on the fictional sport in the TV series and co-designed by the designer of Akrotiri



Featuring several different teams of professional benders, use the elements of earth, fire, and water to your advantage as you try to defeat your opponents… or maybe a single, superpowered opponent… Check out Pro Bending Arena.

Explore the galaxy and gather your resources in Stellar Leap, a dice drafting game from creators of Super Hack Override.



Featuring gorgeous art, easy gameplay, and lots of replayability, Stellar Leap allows players to be as aggressive or as multiplayer solitaire as they desire. Ready to explore the void?

Cerebria: The Inside World is a team based game set inside a person’s mind. Create Bliss and Gloom as you battle for control over the constantly shifting mental landscape



Looking like something out of a Henry Selick film, this visually lush game has amazing components and seems to have the game to back it up. Ready to dive in?


Community Centerpiece

This week we’re featuring popular video game YouTubers The Yogscast. They’ve got a Youtube Channel called Games Night in which they play board games with, as the British say, ‘top bants’. (great banter)


Here’s them playing Fantasy Flight Game’s XCOM. Watch them save the world in real time… or fail to do so. I won’t spoil!

Thank you for reading the News Brief! We’re ramping up our Essen coverage and we’ve started to collate our list of games we’re looking forward to. Watch out for updates to that list and more upcoming Essen coverage from BoardGamePrices!


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