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Board Game News Brief – Post-Essen Edition

Posted Wednesday, 19-Oct-2016

A new Pandemic Legacy; 2017’s new releases from Portal Games; the top games at the convention – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Hello everyone! We hope that you enjoyed our daily Essen coverage, which you can find here (Day 1 Photos), here (Day 2 Photos), here (Day 3 Photos), and here (Day 4 Photos).

Now, to the news:


Pandemic Legacy Season 2 revealed

Smash hit Pandemic Legacy is getting a sequel. Known as Season 2, details are extremely scant due to the reveal not being an official announcement but an accidental leak at a private event.


Season 2!
Season 2!


We do know that there will be two boxes as above, just like Season 1, and based on the art it looks like there might be more of a focus on the dangers of international travel, or perhaps a post-apocalyptic tone.

Gamers hungry for more details will have to wait for next year when the game is officially announced.

The Pandemic presence at Essen was very large, with tons of people demo-ing Pandemic: Iberia, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, and the new expansion for The Cure: Experimental Meds.


Portal Games announces their new slate for 2017

Each of these is worth a news post of their own, but Portal Games was kind enough to announce them all at once.


51st-state-scavengers alien-artifacts cry-havoc-aftermath stronghold-undead-expansion



Cry Havoc and 51st State were huge sellers at Essen, so it’s no surprise to see expansions for both. Aftermath adds new structures and skill cards to each faction in Cry Havoc, while Scavengers is a small box expansion designed to integrate with your base set.

Stronghold: Undead is a reworking of the original Undead expansion for first edition. It adds a new map, and “rules for gathering mana spellcasting, and terror.” Which is intriguing all by itself. Check out Stronghold for a game about siege and counter-siege in a fantasy universe.

Alien Artifacts is a 4x civilization building card game that can be played in under an hour, and First Martians is a re-implementation of Robinson Crusoe but on Mars and with app support – speaking of Robinson Crusoe, the 2nd edition made its Essen debut and will slowly be making its way into stores.


Bezier Games announces New York Slice

From the studio that brought you Suburbia and Colony comes New York Slice, a reimplementation of Piece O’ Cake by Jeffrey D. Allers, whose most recent title is the artifact hunting game Order of the Gilded Compass.




A light game of set collection and pizza slicing, New York Slice uses the ‘I cut you choose’ mechanic to give some tough choices, and forces places to make decisions between eating their pizza for points or trying to collect majority sets.


The hottest games at Essen

The BoardGameGeek GeekBuzz leaderboards were lighting up all through the convention, with booths posting ‘vote for us!’ signs and a giant scrolling leaderboard at the BGG booth.




The top 12 games include some obvious hits, but also a few surprising sleeper candidates. Go check it out and see what you might want to add to your pre-order list from BoardGamePrices!

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