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Board Game News Brief: October 7 2015

Posted Wednesday, 7-Oct-2015

Tour the black pyramids of Ancient Egypt, receive a glimpse of alternate history Eastern Europe, and get ready to kick some Tail Feathers in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Scythe: Mechs and Farming in WW1 Europe

From the designer of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia and ViticultureScythe is an alternate history worker placement and territory control game where players take control of up to 5 different factions such as the Rusviets, the Crimeans, and the Nordics to control a powerful mech factory in the center of the board. The game has just released its first trailer:




This asymmetrical hybrid game mixes Euro and Amerigame elements while adding an incredibly evocative art style. The hotly anticipated Kickstarter campaign  is launching in a week.


Rules published for Kemet’s Ta-Seti expansion

The mythical Egyptian game of magic and conquest receives its first expansion! This compact wargame with Euro appeal has revealed the rulebook featuring 5 new modules and a significant amount of cardboard.


Must be really stressful living in mythical times.
Must be really stressful living in mythical times.


Amongst the new modules are an entirely new color of pyramid. Upgrades in Kemet are acquired by upgrading one’s pyramid of the appropriate color, and the Ta-Seti expansion adds a black one with death-themed powers, along with an entirely new board.


Take wing and hold fast: Tail Feathers Trailer

This Mice & Mystics spinoff miniatures game about dueling mice on the backs of bluejays and starlings has received its first trailer. Featuring interchangeable bird/rider miniatures, a tilt system which shows the direction your birds are taking, the game comes with a campaign-style scenario guide along with many ground-based units.



Owners of Mice & Mystics will be pleased to learn that their mice and enemy miniatures from that game can be easily imported into Tail Feathers, as the game comes with cards and rules for all of them. Tail Feathers also comes with extra scenarios for Mice & Mystics.

Quick Kickstarters

First off the line is Tankan expansion for the Great War Command and Colors game by Richard Borg.


Nothing says 'War' like 'Hexes and minis.'
Nothing says ‘War’ like ‘Hexes and minis.’


This WW1 game uses Richard Borg’s C&C rules system as feature Memoir ’44 and Battlelore: Second Edition, and the expansion gives you 6 tanks, 2 artillery pieces with associated crew, and new terrain to combat the enemy’s technological menace.

It’s been Carl Chudyk’s year. The designer of Glory to Rome has seen Mottanai have a successful release and now his title Innovation has a Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter.


New art and new stuff
New art and new stuff


Backers can opt for the 3rd Edition of the base game with updated art, or go for the Deluxe version with 4 expansions, including 2 unreleased ones.

Skiptrace is a card game where players play inept bounty hunters who are trying to justify their takedown plan to their Boss. Described as Cards Against Humanity for role players, each round sees Bounty Hunters combining their hand of cards to create improbable sounding missions; i.e. intoxicating a golem with anxiety troubles at a rave.

High school can be fraught – but what if you’re a wizard? Wizard School is a new card game with a wonderful art style that casts players in the role of student wizards who have to cooperatively go through the horrors of magical education.


Don't do it!
Don’t do it!


Co-designed and written by Hank Green of Vlogbrother’s fame, Wizard School also has an option for a less teenager-friendly NSFW expansion.

Boogie Dice and Battlebots – oh my! This campaign shows off a set of programmable, self-rolling dice, as well as a real time robot battling game to make use of their unique properties.

Cute! Deadly!
Cute! Deadly!

The dice can be programmed via app or website to roll when you hit the table near them, snap your fingers, or even pick them up. They also include various other functions so as to be usable in other games.

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