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Board Game News Brief: October 29, 2015

Posted Thursday, 29-Oct-2015

Catch up on some apps, prep for diving depth, and help destroy a rabbit’s marriage in this week’s  Board Games News Brief. 


Contributed by Calvin Wong

Le Havre comes to iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Beloved worker placement classic Le Havre has finally come to the digital realm. From the designer of Agricola, Caverna, and Fields of Arle, Le Havre is a game of shipping, construction, and cash management. Check out the trailer:





The app features a tutorial, both synchronous and asynchronous play, AI opponents, and even 2 player pass and play on the same device. The app releases this November.

Abyss: Kraken announced, receives trailer

The first of two underwater announcements this News Brief, set collection card game Abyss is receiving its first expansion. Feast your eyes on the high-production-value CGI trailer below.




Abyss is one of the most gorgeous games ever produced, and the expansion retains the same artist. Kraken also introduces a new currency – black pearls, described by the publisher as ‘stained with blood’ – new lords, allies, and locations to round out the gameplay.


Dead of Winter App simplifies Crossroad cards, hides consequences

Plaid Hat Game’s game of zombie survival and hidden traitors now has an official companion app!


With voice acting by Eric Summerer
With voice acting by Eric Summerer!


Dead of Winter’s central mechanic are Crossroad cards – story moments where players must make decisions which potentially affect the entire game’s outcome.  The app simplifies the process for players, and can hide the decision portion of the card from the players so they can role play their decisions.


Kune V Lakia: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold

The royal family is splitting up. You play the divorce lawyers trying to get the best deal out of the proceedings – trying to influence nobles at court, gain favors, hatch plots, and nab property.

Oh, did I mention it’s about bunnies?


It's going to take more than carrot therapy.
It’s going to take more than carrot therapy.


This 2 player card game of hand management and card drafting may be the cutest legal proceedings you ever participate in, and is available now.


Preview Eldritch Horror expansion Under The Pyramids.

What evil lurks beneath the shifting sands? The second big box expansion for Eldritch Horror following Mountains of Madness takes the game of global exploration and mystery to Egypt.


Tentacles. Why did it have to be tentacles?
Tentacles. Why did it have to be tentacles?


The game comes with a new side board featuring the Nile delta, a new Old One and a whole host of new cards, monsters, spells, items, and even a new mechanic – Impairment. Read more here.


Quick Kickstarters

Dive back into the ocean in the second underwater game of this News Brief: Fathoms. This dungeon crawl game pits players against undersea monsters in a drowning research base. Promising both co-op and 1 vs many play, the game features futuristic weaponry, horrible monsters, elevation differences, and water mechanics.

The Society of Eccentric Inventors asks one simple question: Can you build a time machine? Or a rejuvenation tonic? How about a flying dog? Okay, that was 3 questions – but nevermind that, we’re eccentric!


Crazy hair not required.
Crazy hair not required.


Compete against your fellow inventors, hire assistants, recruit spies, and roll forth on your quest to be declared the greatest inventor of the society!

The monster returns. Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Two allows those who missed out on the first wave to get in on what might literally be the largest miniatures in board gaming.


Actual scale.
Actual scale.


Cthulhu Wars is an asymmetrical area control board game where players vie to control the mortal realm as one of four Elder Gods. Each side has different units uses different upgrades, and has vastly different play styles. Onslaught Two contains a new faction, 6 other expansions, and a whole raft of stretch goals.

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