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Board Game News Brief: October 26th, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 26-Oct-2016

New expansions for Agricola; an infinite dungeon generator for Descent; Terra Mystica comes to your mobile device – all this and more, in this week’s board game news brief.


Prepared by Calvin Wong

6 new mini expansions for Agricola – add miniatures, more cards.

Wizkids and Lookout Games have partnered together to produce a half-dozen ‘Agricola Upgrade Kits’ which will feature pre-painted plastic miniatures for Agricola – and new cards designed by the Uwe Rosenberg, the game’s designer.


Next: Agricola Tactics.
Next: Agricola Tactics.


Each Upgrade Kit will have unique cards and figures, with each containing 5 different miniatures. More details to come as the kits get closer to release.


Descent: The Delve

The Road to Legend app for Descent will receive a new update: The Delve, an infinite dungeon generator that significantly increases the replayability of your set of Descent.




Road to Legend caused a splash when it released as a free download, causing sales of Descent to double. The Delve strays from the path of set campaigns and allows the app to create any number of randomized dungeons from your Descent collection and pit you against rapidly more dangerous levels – and boss fights!


Quick Kickstarters

Board game publisher Ludicreations was robbed at Essen – their cashbox was stolen with €3,500 in it. As a response, they launched Steal This Game, a 5 minute microgame about trying to steal the cashbox from a board game publisher at a major convention.


Fits on a postcard, too.
Fits on a postcard, too.


If you pledge to Steal This Game, you can also pick up some of their other great titles on the cheap, such as Kune v Lakia: A Chronicle of a Royal Lupine Divorce Foretold, Pocket Imperium, [redacted], …and then, we held hands, and many others – go to their KS page and have a look at the great bundles you can pick up.

From the designer of Pandemic comes Chariot Race! A race game where if you’re not winning, you can throw javelins at your opponents!


Spartacus! Spartacus! wait, wrong movie.
Spartacus! Spartacus! wait, wrong movie.


Matt Leacock’s game of strategic movement, dice rolling (stolen from his other game Roll Through The Ages). Drop caltrops, ram your opponents, and get to the finish line first at any cost! Check out Chariot Race for a family friendly experience with tons of replayability.


Gnomes & Associates is a fantasy miniatures game for families, intended to introduce gamers of all ages to fantasy miniatures games. Four fantasy guilds engage in combat and larceny on a gorgeous board with plenty of card play to go around.


'Grawr!' 'No, Bob, we're a civilized guild now.'
‘Grawr!’ ‘No, Bob, we’re a civilized guild now.’


Check out Gnomes & Associates if you’re looking for an all-ages game with possible co-op mode and plenty of dice chucking!


Terra Mystica receives App implementation

From the creators of the Patchwork, Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small, and Le Havre apps comes Terra Mystica. Digidiced announced a few days ago that the app form of the hit eurogame will be released in the next few months.



The game will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. More details to follow!



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