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Board Game News Brief: October 21 2015

Posted Wednesday, 21-Oct-2015

Become the Dragon Warrior, prepare to hunt a dark evil, and tower over your enemies in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


The Eldrazi come to Arena of the Planeswalkers

Magic: The Gathering board game Arena of the Planeswalkers first expansion, Battle for Zendikar, has revealed some more details about its first colorless hero, the Eldrazi Ruiner.


Seems pretty blue to me
Seems pretty blue to me


This giant miniature can be pitted against all other players in a 1 vs Many scenario, or integrated into the regular game rules. Sporting a hefty 36 life and an incredible host of abilities, the Ruiner is a mighty foe to behold.

Arena of the Planeswalkers is an update of the classic Heroscape system, with nearly identical rules and compatible terrain. Battle for Zendikar also features 2 other new heroes and will be available in January.

Fists of Fury! Kung Fu Panda board game announced.

“A game of furious co-operative action!” claims publisher Modiphius Games. The game casts players as kung fu masters and pits them against villains from the franchise.


It's not easy being this awesome.
It’s not easy being this awesome.


Drawing from the films and the animated series, the Kung Fu Panda Board Game is part of Modiphius’ foray into board gaming. The company previously published mainly RPGs, including the Infinity Role Playing Game. The game will be released at Gen Con 2016.

A Study in Emerald 2nd Edition gets US distributor

Are you a servant of Cthulu, or a traitorous Restorationist? Do you even know which players on on your team? Play as Sherlock Holmes or Professor Moriarty in the second edition of A Study in Emerald. This new edition updates the game of area control and social intrigue to receive new artwork and a streamlined ruleset.


It's about to become a very interesting 19th century.
It’s about to become a very interesting 19th century.


Brought to the US by Grey Fox Games. A Study in Emerald is acclaimed designer Martin Wallace’s vision of Neil Gaiman’s iconic short story about an alternate history mixing Cthulu and Sherlock Holmes with Moriarty as the protagonist. Wallace previously designed many highly regarded board games, including Age of Steam, Brass, and A Few Acres of Snow.

Fury of Dracula now shipping

Hotly anticipated title Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition is finally off the seas and into distributors across the US. This hidden movement game of hunters and vampires allows players to play cat and mouse across the entirety of Europe – except of course, this mouse bites back.


Turns out flying as a bat across the ocean is quite slow
Turns out flying as a bat across the ocean is quite slow


With 1 player as Dracula and up to 4 others as the hunters, Fury of Dracula is a reprint of the decade-old, long out of print Second Edition with updated rules and modernized sensibilities while retaining the horror atmosphere and feeling of closing a slow net around a dangerous prey.

Quick Kickstarters

In this week’s Quick Kickstarters we have a whole raft of co-operative projects who also promise plenty of miniatures.

Folklore: The Affliction has the pedigree of 2 of the designers behind Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and the upcoming Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. Self described as ‘dark fantasy role playing’, this board game does not require a dungeon master and allows for lots of character development.

Continuing the trend of names with ‘:’s in them is Blackout: Journey into Darkness – a post-apocalyptic science fiction/horror game which allows for solo or co-op play in the wasteland. The game claims a focus on exploration, and mixes real-world sensibilities with a whole host of otherworldly monsters for that dark urban fantasy feel.


Someone get the lights.
Someone get the lights.


From the desert of the post-apocalyptic we shift over to King Arthur and his Knights with Albion’s Legacy Second Edition. Play as Merlin, Gwenivere, Mordred, or even the Lady of the Lake as 1 to 6 players co-operatively take on a series of challenging quests steeped heavily in Arthurian Legend, and improves on the first edition’s component quality. You can also pledge for a Deluxe edition which will include 5 planned expansions for Second Edition.

Switching gears entirely, we have Kodama: The Tree Spirits, a game about growing and caring for adorable Japanese forest spirits.


Seems like a game with a lot of branching strategies.
Seems like a game with a lot of branching strategies.


Players are competing to grow the best tree with the right requirements for their Kodama, and the art is just cute as a button.

And finally, a pair of science based games. Publish or Perish is a game aimed at children which uses a smartphone app to teach the scientific method and the power of deduction through experimentation. (It also has very cute molecule art). Aimed at grown ups is Covalence: A Molecule Building Game, where players must work together to try and construct chemically accurate molecules where 1 player knows the target molecule while the others attempt to construct it from the clues given.

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