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Board Game News Brief: October 19, 2017

Posted Thursday, 12-Oct-2017

Gloomhaven reprints shipping, a Steven Universe card game, RWBY: Combat Ready and the Near and Far expansion! Board Game News Brief: GO!

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Gloomhaven reprint now shipping

Prepare to embark on your journey through the world of Gloomhaven. Some Kickstarter backers have already begun receiving their shipping notices for the epic game of fantasy combat and character progression.



The highly awaited reprint (Gloomhaven has topped the BoardGamePrices search charts for the last NINE MONTHS) has started pushing out from the factory, with games meant for Europe having left in September and those meant for the US leaving now.



Ready to get sunk in for hundreds of hours? Gloomhaven awaits.

Announcing Steven Universe card game

We are the Crystal Gems!



Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems is a small box card game from Spanish publishing house Crazy Pawn. Details are scant, but we know it’s a card game, and we know it’ll be at Essen.


We’ll bring you more details from our Essen coverage, which will be going live next week!

Near and Far Expansion: Amber Mines

The storytelling/adventure game Near and Far is receiving its first expansion, the Amber Mines.



Our Game of the Month for September, Near and Far is a gorgeous game with great emotional highs and sleek mechanics to match. The expansion is currently on Kickstarter where it funded in less than ten minutes. One of the unlocked stretch goals is co-op mode!



Apart from adding new underground adventures, spells, and revising the enemy deck, the game will also include many little cool extras like custom dice and new scenarios for the game’s maps. You can check out what critics thought of Near and Far in our Review of Reviews.


Quick Kickstarters


Based on the animated series, RWBY: Combat Ready is a collaboration between studio Rooster Teeth and Arcane Wonders (Mage Wars).



Play as Ruby, Weiss, Blake, or Yang as you fight your way through scenarios and slice up Grimm. Fully co-operative and based on a huge franchise, RWBY seems like a solid bet.

Fruit Ninja is one of the world’s most popular mobile games, and the series now comes to your table.



Featuring three games: A deck builder, a real time dice roller, and a push your luck party title, Fruit Ninja Tabletop Game Series lets you pick any one, two, or all three games in the pack for as low as 23 dollars each.

Finally, The Valley of Alchemists is a family set building game based on collecting ingredients and brewing elixirs.



The components look amazing and the game looks slick. Definitely worth a look for an entry level set collector.

Community Centerpiece


More Games Please is an interview site run by Ross Connell where he interviews board game artists. Here’s his interview with illustrator and graphic designer Peter Wocken (Sagrada, Dinosaur Island, Dead of Winter)


There’s many other interviews there with great artists whose work you will instantly recognize. Go check them out!

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