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Board Game News Brief: November 6 2016

Posted Sunday, 6-Nov-2016

It’s Kickstarter Overdrive in this week’s Board Game News Brief. Loads of new titles from publishers big and small; and the official announcement of a new T.I.M.E. Stories expansion.

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Euphoria Spins off new game based on Good Cop Bad Cop.

Titled Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor, this social deduction game is in collaboration with Stonemaier Games and based on Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. Choose a Better Oppressor jettisons the worker placement and goes straight for the jugular: Are you with us? Against us? Or against everyone?


Yes, look over your shoulder. Or under your feet. The revolution has begun!
Yes, look over your shoulder. Or under your feet. The revolution has begun!


Mm components.
Mm components.


Featuring oversized ray guns and a plethora of cards, LOE:CABO features three factions (one good, one bad, and one for eliminated players to have a chance to come back) and features a really cool visual style.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.


Keyflower spiritual successor goes to London.

Fans of the Key games series rejoice! Key to the City: London continues the gameplay of tile laying, auctioning, and meeple management but shifts the setting from a country idyll to one of the world’s great cities.


Lord Mayor time!
Lord Mayor time!


Pretty buildings!
Pretty buildings!


Manage your Keyples and outsmart your opponents. London can be found here.


Quick Kickstarters

Carl Chudyk of Innovation, Glory to Rome, and Mottainai fame now designs The Bird Told Me To Do It, a tree-building game of point scoring and combo building firmly inside Chudyk’s style of creating incredible engines.


I suppose if your bird friends told you to jump off a tree?!
I suppose if your bird friends told you to jump off a tree?!

...or build a tree?!
…or build a tree?!


Tiny Epic Quest is the latest in the Tiny Epic series, this time introducing IteMeeples! Meeples that can hold gear!




Go for an adventure. Explore the world, learn spells, fight goblins – and get new items for your Meeples to hold. Tiny Epic Quest!

Beer Empire is a game about designing, brewing, and selling beer. Bidding, beer festivals, area control, worker placement – maybe don’t play this game a few drinks in.


Or do. I mean. If you don't mind losing.
Or do. I mean. If you don’t mind losing.


T.I.M.E. Stories: Expedition Endurance

It’s Antarctica, 1914. Something awful has happened to the timeline as something supernatural might be at work – and just what is going on back at the Agency?


Maybe if they didn't burn their journals...
Maybe if they didn’t burn their journals…


The latest expansion to the T.I.M.E. Stories series takes you to minus 40 degrees, that magical place on the scale where Celsius and Fahrenheit line up, as the Endurance expedition fail to cross Antarctica…

The expansion is available for pre-order now, and you can preview some of its contents here. (Spoiler Warning).

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