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Board Game News Brief: November 5, 2015

Posted Thursday, 5-Nov-2015

A new Star Wars strategy game, Dresden Files comes to your table, and a classic gets the Big Box treatment in this week’s Board Game News Brief. 

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Star Wars: Rebellion – Twilight Struggle in space?

Strategy. Miniatures. Cards. Fantasy Flight Game’s newest title based on the original film trilogy bears more than a striking resemblance to the classic Cold War game – card driven decision making, 2 asymmetric sides – but adds over 150 miniatures, the typical Fantasy Flight polish, and a frankly gigantic amount of art.


The game comes with TWO Death Stars - the dark side is seductive indeed.
The game comes with TWO Death Stars – the dark side is seductive indeed.


Designed by Corey Konieckza, designer of FFG titles like Battlestar Galactica, Imperial Assault, Forbidden Stars, and Eldritch Horror, you can read more about Rebellion here on the official website. The game’s MSRP is slated at $99.95, with a release date in the first quarter of 2016, and is reportedly for 2 to 4 players.


Announcing Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game.

Things are getting Harry as Evil Hat Productions has just announced that it will be bringing the urban fantasy series Dresden Files to our tables.


Nice coat!
Nice coat!


The base game will cover the first five novels from the series, and allow players to take on cases set in the universe of the books. Evil Hat Productions previously produced the Dresden Files RPG, and more information about the card game is  available at their website.


For Your Consideration: The Gallerist 

From the designer of Vinhos, CO2, and Kanban: Automotive Revolution comes The Gallerist, a truly gorgeous board game about managing an art gallery.


Best box 2015.
Best box 2015.


1 to 4 players must draw visitors, sell art, nurture upcoming artists, and set trends in order to have the most money at the end of the game. Designer Vital Lacerda’s games have always focused on gorgeous visuals and dovetailing thematic and mechanical considerations, and the Gallerist is no exception – the game even comes with tiny wooden easels to display your art pieces.


The El Grande Big Box: 20th anniversary edition

The classic game of area control returns, with a new Z Man Games Big Box edition. Players are powerful Spanish lords trying to exert control over land and grab power while not spreading yourself too thin or overfocusing on one location.


Less-best box 2015.
Less-best box 2015.


This new edition will contain all 5 previous expansions for El Grande  and will release in mid-November.


Quick Kickstarters

This week’s projects are no slouches in the art department – each of these games ranges from ‘stylish’ to ‘stunning.’

Side Quest: Pocket Adventures is a card-based dungeon crawler focused on giving players difficult decisions. Scenarios offer play as quick as 30 minutes but as epic as 2 hours, with 8 hero classes to choose from.



Also, there’s a corgi.

Our second fantasy card game veers closer to darkness – Dreary Hamlet has players racing to have the most loot once all the heroes are dead – with the option of you helping your fellow adventurers to their graves if you so choose.


Card art from the game.
Card art from the game.


Featuring an ethereal, otherworldly art style as well as metal coins, Dreary Hamlet seems like a game to keep an eye on.

Join the Flea Circus with Reiner Knizia’s Circus Flohcati!


At least it's not a flea market.
At least it’s not a flea market.


This push your luck circus themed card game flirts dangerously close to weirdness, with art by Heiko Gunther of Glory to Rome fame. This Kickstarter reimplements the 15 minute filler game from 1998.

In space, no one can hear you roll dice. Deep Space D6 is a solo game in the vein of classic 70s-80s science fiction, casting players as the commander of a spaceship having to deal with aliens, ship systems, and other interstellar perils.

Would you like to be a bee? Bzzt! Wrong answer! Hive Mind is a cute card game about bees that nevertheless manages to be strangely disconcerting.


Cute... yet strange.
Cute… yet strange.


Featuring Zom Bees and roBot Flies, Hive Mind is an innovative idea with simple game play. $1 from every game sold will be donated to Pollinator Partnership, a charity devoted to protecting pollinating insects in North America and beyond.

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