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Board Game News Brief: November 2nd, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 1-Nov-2017

Fantasy Flight goes digital, a new game from Vital Lacerda, and all the coverage from Essen on this week’s Board Game News Brief!

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Fantasy Flight Games opens digital studio

While it’s been in the works for most of 2017, Fantasy Flight Games has just announced its new digital games studio.



Not content with making app-driven games like Mansions of Madness and digital adaptations of their board games, FFG is upping their game and making all new video games based on their existing licenses, with the first titles coming to Steam on PC. You’ll know more once they announce it.


Get an Escape Plan

Lisboa‘s Vital Lacerda and illustrator Ian O’Toole team up again for another game, this time about a heist.



Escape Plan is a game of a heist gone wrong. In trying to escape the city with the money and evading police and SWAT teams, players will hire gangs, create diversions, bribe the cops, and don disguises in order to get out of the city with the cash before anyone else can.


Announcing Castell

A game of human towers, Castell is a game about expanding your tower team of Castellars based on the Catalonian tradition of people-stacking.



Details are light, but the game involves a whole year of festivals as your troupe must recruit, train, and perform in order to be named the best Castellars in all of Catalonia!


Quick Kickstarters

From the makers of Vast: The Crystal Caverns, an asymmetric dungeon crawler where one player can be the dungeon comes Root, a game of Woodland Might and Right.



Continuing the asymmetrical design set in their previous games, Root is the story of four factions who are trying to take control of the forest from the Woodland Alliance to the raptors of the Eyrie and the Marquise de Cat. Check out Root now!



One Deck Dungeon did great when it came out last year, and now there’s a digital version on Kickstarter for a mere ten dollars.



One Deck Dungeon received rave reviews and the digital implementation looks slick. Go have a look.




Jagged Alliance is receiving a board game adaptation. The popular video game series has come to Kickstarter.



Promising hundreds of hours of replayability with customizable scenarios and a great visual look that combines modern aesthetics with the videogame look, Jagged Alliance is worth a look.



Our Live Essen Coverage

In case you missed it: We were at Essen! The world’s largest board game convention. We saw lots of games and took lots of photos (and some video!)


For all our coverage from the show floor, you can see more on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as in our daily photojournals: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

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