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Board Game News Brief: November 25, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 25-Nov-2015

How much trivia you know about Game of Thrones, Legacy games in the Stone Age and on the Radio, and become Secret Hitler in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


New Legacy Game “Chronicles 1: Origins” announced.

Artana Games has announced details for its first in the Chronicles series, implementing the famous Legacy mechanic from Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy into a series of games spanning the Stone Age to the Stars.


The beginning of a beautiful thing.
The beginning of a beautiful thing.


Legacy games feature permanent changes to the game itself via means of stickers, Sharpies, and the destruction of game components. Artana’s Chronicles series is about the ascent of humankind, and Origins begins where we began – in the stone age.


Image Credit: Dogandthimble.com
Image Credit: Dogandthimble.com


Described as mixing a 4X civilization game with elements of Robinson Crusoe’s surviving the wild and a storybook reminiscent of Tales of the Arabian Nights, Origins allows players to guide their tribe and stake their flag in the newly explored Earth as they compete to gather resources, advance their technology, and fend off rivals. Origins will be released at Essen 2016 with a Kickstarter going live in February.


Announcing Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game

Not just another trivial pursuit – Fantasy Flight Games pulls out all the stops whenever they make a game and this one is no exception.



'How many crows live in the Eyrie?'
‘How many crows live in the Eyrie?’


Featuring art from the TV show tie-in and push your luck, resource gathering and area control elements, this is a trivia game pushed up to 11. 2 to 4 teams can choose to answer as many questions as they dare in order to gain control of the game’s various locations and hope to win the support of iconic characters from the series.


Cards Against Humanity Fantasy Pack

Hit party game Cards Against Humanity has a new expansion out. The Fantasy Pack features 30 new cards, with contributors from famed authors including Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, Jacqueline Carey, and Elizabeth Bear.


Fantasy has always been a little bit about social commentary.
Fantasy has always been a little bit about social commentary.


All proceeds from the first two weeks of sales will go to Heifer International, a charity devoted to ending hunger and poverty around the world.


NPR interviews designer Rob Daviau about Pandemic Legacy

In a bout of near unstoppable media frenzy about his newest game, Rob Daviau was interviewed by National Public Radio about Pandemic Legacy shooting up to the top ten in BoardGameGeek.com’s all time rankings.


Brought to you by the magic of radio.
Brought to you by the magic of radio.


You can listen to the 4 minute interview here where Mr. Daviau discusses his inspiration for the game, who he made it for, and speculates on its meteoric rise.


Quick Kickstarters

Secret Hitler is a card game in the style of The Resistance which pits players as Liberals vs Fascists in 1930s Germany. The Liberals wish to assassinate Secret Hitler and elect a Liberal President – the Fascists are trying to install a Chancellor friendly to their side while passing Fascist legislation.


There's your problem - you're all animals with no sense of moral ethi- ohhhh.
There’s your problem – you’re all animals with no sense of moral ethi- ohhhh.


Co-designed by Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity), Secret Hitler is a game of betrayal, intrigue, and politics (but I repeat myself.)


Further down the historical road is Victory & Glory: Napoleon. Featuring 8 factions, 6 scenarios spanning 18 years and more components than you can shake a musket at, this epic 4-6 hour game for 1 to many players will have you sharpening bayonets before you know it.


Not to scale.
Not to scale.


Deciding to spring for the premium version upgrades all cardboard unit tokens to Napoleoneeples. Yes, wooden tall ships, cannon, cavalry, and even Old Boney himself.


Speaking of tall ships: All Hands On Deck is a pirate auction game where players are racing to hire a full complement of boatswains and navigators in order to be the first to haul anchor and shout ‘All hands on deck!’


Nice to see bloodthirsty brigands are still equal opportunity employers.
Nice to see bloodthirsty brigands are still equal opportunity employers.


Featuring cute art and a quick play time, the game requires timely sabotage and careful bidding while boasting a very non-cutthroat price point.

Art on the other end of the spectrum now with Jail Break, a card game about trying to escape from prison. The comic-book artstyle and moody theme bake together to form an intriguing package.





Players are trying to acquire 3 key resources – a blueprint, a tool, and a keycard – and aren’t afraid to resort to dirty tactics to get what they need in order to break out. Expansions are planned which include co-op mode and a zombie outbreak.

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