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Board Game News Brief: November 19, 2015

Posted Thursday, 19-Nov-2015

Greedy Goblins, Lunar Architects, Wits, Wagers, and more in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


New espionage boardgame Covert coming 2016

Spies and sabotage in Cold War Europe – Covert is a dice placement and hand-management game set at the height of international spycraft. Details are scarce, but our agents have managed to acquire the following image:


Look out! She's got a gun!
Look out! She’s got a gun!


Covert is for 2-4 players and is in the light-medium weight category. Careful placement of dice in order to scupper your opponents plans is necessary, as is some set collection. Look for Covert to come from publisher Renegade Game Studios (Gravwell, Snow Tails, The Doom That Came To Atlantic City) in 2016.


Richard Garfield’s Greedy Greedy Goblins announced

Legendary designer Richard Garfield (of King of Tokyo, Magic: The Gathering, and Netrunner fame) has partnered with AEG to design this game about goblins who mine gems in gem mines and are entirely interested in getting what’s Mine.


So greedy!
So greedy!


Described as a “simultaneous play, strategic tile placement and bluffing game”, players are trying to all mine the most valuable shiny stuff out of the center of the table while ensuring they don’t blow themselves up.

Greedy Greedy Goblins will be available next year.


Glen More and Wits & Wagers to receive new editions

This pair of high profile games have new editions being crowdfunded this week. Glen More is a 2010 title from designer Matthias Cramer, where players compete to have the most successful Scottish clan by selling whisky, raising sheep, and acquiring lochs and castles.


I see what you did there.
I see what you did there.


Lunarchitect reimplements Glen More but on the moon instead of 17th century Scotland, and adds rocket ship tokens! The game is on Kickstarter here.

And North Star Game’s smash hit party game Wits & Wagers is also being Kickstarted into a new Epic Geek Edition. The question categories have been distinctly nerdified, and the game’s art has also significantly improved.


Little more epic than a trivia game requires, no?
Little more epic than a trivia game requires, no?


Wits & Wagers is similar to a quiz show where each team of players attempts to guess the answer to a question – and then bet on which team they think has the closest answer. Most money wins, giving this trivia game far more strategy than you might initially think.


Quick Kickstarters

First up this week is the absolutely adorable BrilliAnts, an action selection and card playing game in the vein of Takenoko. The game has players leading an ant colony trying to prepare for the winter while fending off predators and rival formicidae.


Cute cuddly colonies!
Cute cuddly colonies!


The game features 4 complexity levels (from child friendly to ruthless competition) and is also available in French as Fourmidable.

Deck building games come in every theme under the rainbow – but not all of them breathe fire. Draconis Invasion bills itself as Dark Fantasy with art that certainly looks the part.


Props for not having a : in the title.
Props for not having a : in the title.


Featuring attrition mechanics and secret quests, Draconis fits 2-5 players and has very, very pretty art indeed.

The pun of the week goes to Roll Player, “the dice game that builds character!”


The game emulates the character creation section of an RPG: players craft their medieval fantasy heroes – backstory, equipment, skills, the lot – competing to have the most reputable character by game’s end.


A knowledgeable rogue? Hah!
A knowledgeable rogue? Hah!


Roll Player features a whopping 73 dice and some very positive advance reviews.

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