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Board Game News Brief: November 11, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 11-Nov-2015

Relive the Horus Heresy, update your Stratego, and save a girl’s memories from the ravens in this week’s Board Game News Brief 

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth

The Horus Heresy is one of the key lore events in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe – the betrayal of the Emperor by his son Horus and half of his loyal Space Marines. Dozens of novels and several games have been made about this pivotal event, and Betrayal at Calth adds to that library.




Featuring 38 Games Workshop quality miniatures (compatible with Warhammer 40,000) and 6 missions out of the box, Betrayal at Calth is releasing sometime this week.


Fragile Memories: The Ravens of Thri Sahasri

A girl with lost memories and a detective who must help her – this  2 player card game combines Buddhist myth, Japanese poetry, and co-op gameplay.


More like feathers of Thri Sahashri.
More like feathers of Thri Sahashri.


Published in English by Osprey Games, players must work together to piece back Ren’s memories while utilizing the ravens that eat memories in order to ensure the correct ones survive.


2 new, deeper versions of Stratego released

Classic boardgame Stratego has been updated with two new editions: Waterloo and Conquest. Released by Patch Products, each game features the standard Stratego gameplay but with additional elements.





Waterloo moves the game to a historical setting and allows players to reenact real historical battles spanning 200 years of history. Conquest on the other hand sports a fantasy theme and boosts the player count to 4 – adding a capture the flag style gameplay as well as the use of magic.


Krosmaster Arena on Steam – Brass on mobile

Two hotly anticipated digital releases come back to back with cute, kid-friendly tactical miniatures game Krosmaster Arena now available for free on Steam and classic Martin Wallace industry building game Brass coming to Android and iOS this week.


Krosmaster Arena - how cute!
Krosmaster Arena – how cute!

Brass - how industrial!
Brass – how industrial!


No word yet on pricing for Brass, but Krosmaster Arena starts out free and features several expansion packs for players to buy extra heroes.


Quick Kickstarters

Set in the world of Above and Below, Ryan Laukat’s Islebound moves the game to a nautical setting. Pirates, sea monsters, building, and trade – the game casts players as captains of their own vessels who can conquer, negotiate, or commercialize their way to victory.


Game components and artwork - pretty!
Game components and artwork – pretty!


Islebound features Ryan Laukat’s distinctively gorgeous art and is for 2 to 4 players.

Happening every Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Monster Truck Mayhem is a real time dice rolling monster truck racing game with a ton of adjectives. Players race to move their trucks around the modular racetrack – jumping over obstacles and reading out cards in your best monster truck announcer voice.

From the creator of Xia: Legends of a Drift System comes Tavarua, a game about surfing. Yes, surfing.


Hang ten and geev 'um!
Hang ten and geev ‘um!


Featuring artwork by John Ariosa, who worked on Mice & Mystics and Summoner Wars, Tavarua sees players competing against the ocean to be named Grand Champion. The game is for 1 to 6 players and features mechanics such as surfboard positioning, angling against the waves, and dynamic wave generation.

The colonization spaceship Hikari has been overrun by genetically engineered creatures. You and 4 friends must Endure the Stars in this co-operative dungeon-crawl style board game.


Nice logo!
Nice logo!


The game features 5 player classes, a bunch of horrific enemies to fight, gear customization, and many different scenarios to choose from.

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