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Board Game News Brief: May 6th, 2016.

Posted Friday, 6-May-2016

Preorder Seafall, a new Legacy game appears, and the Pandemic spreads to Iberia in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong


Seafall available for pre-order; Gen Con pickup.

Hotly anticipated Legacy eurogame Seafall is now available for pre-order at the official Plaid Hat website. Designed by Rob Daviau (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy) and featuring exploration and conflict on the high seas, Seafall includes the Legacy mechanic which forces players to make permanent choices that forever alter their copy of the game.


Sun, Sea, Sailing, and treaSure!
Sun, Sea, Sailing, and treaSure!

3 to 5 players guide their civilizations through voyages of exploration, but they may permanently lose characters, be forced to destroy components, and open sealed packages that reveal new ways to play. Pre-ordering from the website (delivery in 2-5 months) entitles you to over 100 shiny metal coins to upgrade the coins in the base game – these coins will not, however, be available for Gen Con pickup this August.


Pandemic: Iberia announced, teaser trailer follows.

Travel to the 19th century and fight the spread of malaria, cholera, typhus, and yellow fever as Pandemic presents a spin-off game set on the Spanish peninsula, right around the time of the railroad. Apart from a new location, the game features new artwork, new mechanics such as railroad building, water purification, and roles like nurse, railwayman, rural doctor, and sailor.

Details are light on how the gameplay will differ from regular Pandemic, but gosh that’s a spiffy trailer.


Jamey Stegmaier announces Charterstone

The acclaimed designer of Viticulture, Euphoria, and the Kickstarter smash success Scythe has announced Charterstone, “a competitive legacy village-building game.” 1 to 6 players will slowly build a village over the course of 24 game sessions – buildings built in the village are permanent and will persist over the entire series of sessions.




Before each game begins, players will reveal 1 random Advancement, which unlocks a new rule, card type, or component for all subsequent games of their copy of Charterstone. With this blend of legacy systems, adorable art and worker placement mechanics, Charterstone looks to be a title to watch out for when it lands on Kickstarter before the end of the year.


Above and Below 2: Near and Far

Gamers charmed by Ryan Laukat’s Above and Below – the cute worker placement game of village-building and adventure story-telling – will be delighted that the sequel has just been announced.


The next game should be set in space, and titled Up and Down.
The next game should be set in space, and titled Up and Down.


Near and Far sets 4 wanderers on a journey to distant lands, fighting robots, treasure hunting, all in the name of finding the Last Ruin. The game is divided into 10 ‘chapters’, and each chapter is played on a completely new board, presumably with its own entry in the encounter book. This book of events and adventures returns from Above and Below, and it seems that there will be significantly more focus on this aspect of the game in the follow-up.


First two expansions for Runebound 3rd Edition announced

Wasting no time to expand their new game of epic fantasy adventure, Fantasy Flight Games have put out a Scenario Pack and and Adventure Pack to expand the realm of Terrinoth.


It's not epic until you have a giant spider.
It’s not epic until you have a giant spider.


Caught in a Web is an entirely new scenario for the game, pitting players against an ancient spider sorceress and her children. The Gilded Blade is a more general expansion, adding new assets, skill cards, and adventures within each scenario, as well as the return of Red Scorpion, a longtime Terrinoth resident hero.

The two packs will be available in the 3rd quarter of the year.


Quick Kickstarters

Corporate Shadows is a card game of rival corporations in a science fiction future. Players compete to set up corporations and perform as many morally questionable operations as possible in order to score points, but without being caught by the government – which of course the other players can force to happen.

Intrigue! Cyberpunk!
Intrigue! Cyberpunk!

Social deduction game Coup is having a Kickstarter to fund an English release of the game with the Brazilian art, which comes with additional alternate art for each role.

Love the colors.
Love the colors.

Coup is a game of bluffing and daring where players try to lie, steal, and assassinate their way to the top of the pile. The original game had a science fiction bent, while this version grounds the game in reality. A colorful one, too!


Dreamwars is a co-operative horror steampunk game (you don’t hear those words together very often) for 1 to 8 players and promises over 70 gameplay scenarios for 500 hours of gameplay. Take a look at that component spread:


Here’s a title that made me laugh: Epic Resort: Villain’s Vacation. An expansion to the 2014 game of vacation-location-management and monster fighting, Epic Resort’s logline was to build a resort that heroes, weary from adventuring, could have a great time in.

Your holiday is about to get heinous.
Your holiday is about to get heinous.

The game adds villains, who score more points but don’t help defend the getaway destination from the evils that threaten it. Filled with quirky humor, gorgeous art, and even a Kraken, this expansion seems promising indeed.

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