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Board Game News Brief: May 3, 2017

Posted Friday, 5-May-2017

A deeper look at the new Dead of Winter expansion, the best Scythe re-theme ever made, some new game announcements from Stonemaier Games & Bruno Faidutti – all this and more, on the Board Game News Brief

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Preview Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies

A team vs team expansion for the game of zombies and betrayal in a world gone cold.





Warring Colonies plays 4-11 players (5 a side plus a Lone Wolf faction) and tons of new characters, crises, crossroad cards, and abilities for player vs player combat. The main content can be played with just a base set of Dead of Winter, but the Warring Colonies module requires both the base set and The Long Night expansion.


Colony vs Colony... and a lone wolf besides.
Colony vs Colony… and a lone wolf besides.


Plaid Hat Games will be publishing more previews of the game as time goes by; so watch this space for more info.


Some of the new cards from the expansion.
Some of the new cards from the expansion.


Announcing Chawaï from Bruno Faidutti

A game about fishing in a lagoon, all we have of Chawaï is box art and a brief description, but Faidutti’s CV includes such titles as Citadels and Mission: Red Planet, so there’s some assurances at least.


glub glub!
glub glub!



Between Two Cities: Capitals expansion

The semi co-operative game of city building where you must build two cities at once receives its first expansion in Capitals.


If you buy two sets, is it Between Four Cities or Three?
If you buy two sets, is it Between Four Cities or Three?


Build the city centers of two major capital cities while considering the terrain, placement of civic structures, and district zoning – making sure of course to outscore the other players, but not to leave one of your own cities too far behind!



Between Two Cities is a city building game with great amounts of player interaction, and this expansion should appropriately up the ante.

Quick Kickstarters

Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage was a great two player game. Hannibal & Hamilcar updates the system, shortens the play length, and adds a second game to the box: Hamilcar: The First Punic War.




Featuring ridiculously gorgeous art, plastic miniatures, and a streamlined ruleset, fans of two player war games should definitely give Hannibal & Hamilcar a look.


Next up is the tactical mech combat game Farsight: Corporate Warfare in a Dark Future.


Dat art tho.
Dat art tho.


Farsight pits giant mechs, infantry units, and infiltration specialists in tactical combat with modular rulesets, custom army building, and even a variant without dice. For a gritty take on modern scifi mech combat, Farsight is well worth checking out.


Alone is a 1 vs many dungeon crawler with a twist: The hero is the 1. The overlords are the many. Can you survive against multiple enemies plotting your painful demise?


A gun. A flashlight. Fear.
A gun. A flashlight. Fear.


Featuring a slick retro-future aesthetic reminescent of properties like Space Hulk, Alien, and the video game Dead Space, Alone packs miniatures, scenarios, and the design talents behind Potion Explosion into a reasonably priced box. Go have a look.

Community Centerpiece

Scythe was one of 2016’s absolute smash hits, dominating BoardGamePrice’s search charts since even before the game’s release. Fan Hoby Chou and his daughter Vienna (who’s 5 years old from Canada) have taken it upon themselves to release My Little Scythe, a My Little Pony retheme of the game.



Featuring a slimmed down version of the Scythe rules and plenty of love and care, My Little Scythe will be available as a free print and play in June 2017 on this website. Magical spells, friendship, and pie fights – what’s not to love? My Little Scythe is absolutely wonderful.

If you missed out on Scythe, you can read up on what the critics think here.

And that’s all for the News Brief! Check out this week’s category, the Top Searched Board Games in April 2017 featuring hits like time traveling worker placement Anachrony, the character creation game Roll Player, and the dungeon crawler that just wrapped up a $4 million reprint Kickstarter, Gloomhaven.

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