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Board Game News Brief: May 25th 2016

Posted Wednesday, 25-May-2016

Eric Lang has an exciting week, new ships for Armada, and Boldly Go Where No Mage Knight Has Gone Before in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Spell-slinging schoolkids: Arcane Academy gets Gencon release date

Co-designer Eric Lang let slip on Twitter earlier this week that Arcane Academy, his co-design with Kevin Wilson will be available for sale at the biggest four days in gaming.


Who doesn't love capes?
Who doesn’t love capes?


Arcane Academy is a game of dueling student wizards involving elemental combos and tile linking based on the webcomic Finding Gossamyr, in which math is the language of magic. This is Lang and Wilson’s first collaborative design – the former is the designer of Blood Rage, Quarriors, and XCOM while the latter is responsible for Arkham Horror, Android, and Descent.


Eric Lang teases collaboration with Rob Daviau

Two of the hottest designers in gaming have decided to work together on an unspecified new project. This is all the information we have, but it’s a testament to their careers that it’s still big enough news to warrant an item.



Lang has been on a roll recently , announcing a whole slate of new games including The Godfather, the Bloodborne card game, and Victorian Masterminds, a co-design with Ghost Stories’ Antoine Bauza.

Daviau meanwhile is the co-designer of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Pandemic Legacy, as well as the previous title in the Legacy series, Risk Legacy – and the designer of highly anticipated upcoming Plaid Hat release Seafall, a Eurogame with the permanent decisions of the Legacy games – as well as Artana Game’s upcoming multi-game legacy-style Chronicles series about the rise of human civilization.

If two of the hottest (and busiest) names in gaming are coming together for a project, they must be as excited about it as we will be. Details to come!


It’s a trap! Announcing Armada Wave IV

More ships, more goodness – Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the Interdictor Class Star Destroyer and the Liberty Star Cruiser are the two expansions in Wave IV.


Is it really an Armada with only 2 ships though?
Is it really an Armada with only 2 ships though?


The Interdictor Star Destroyer allows you to create a gravity well which slows the movement of nearby enemies – even to zero – and these can be centered on the ship itself or projected out onto the battlefield. Interdictors are more upgrade focused ships, trading shields and firepower for their support abilities, allowing canny players to outmaneuver and outthink their opponents.

The Liberty on the other hand is a flying gun – with a massive 7 dice forward battery and 5 forward shields, the ship is built to charge headlong into combat rather than the Home One’s broadside style of fighting. Liberties can also carry squadrons to dead drop at critical spots to exploit enemy weakpoints.




Mage Knight in space: Star Trek Frontiers

Explore, fight, level up, with a deckbuilding twist. Mage Knight is one of the most enduring properties in publisher Wizkid’s lineup, and this new spin-off is the game’s first retheme from epic fantasy to the final frontier. The game’s first preview is here:



There’s not much I can add to that headline, to be honest. There appear to be a few key changes – enemies can be overcome via diplomacy rather than just brute force, mana comes in 1 fewer color, and obviously you play starships instead of powerful mage knights, but from the preview it looks pretty much the same – which is great news for fans of Star Trek (I know you’re out there).



Quick Kickstarters

The first high-profile project this week comes from the studio that gave you Two Rooms and a Boom and the writer of the video games Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and the YouTube series Hey Ash Watcha Playing.


Congrats, you've lost!
Congrats, you’ve lost!


World Championship Russian Roulette by Anthony Burch is a push your luck bluffing card game where you attempt to survive fifteen trigger pulls – but you can cheat by not having a bullet in there at all. However your opponents can accuse you of cheating or play powerful action cards – such as allowing you to point your gun at someone else, or peek at the first three chambers of your gun before betting how many times you can pull the trigger.


From the designer of Dead of Winter Jonathon Gilmour comes Heroes and Tricksa trick-taking game with a cool twist.


Cute! Colorful! Card Game!
Cute! Colorful! Card Game!


Each trick is led by a hero with a different ability, and players take turns to play cards out – but they play them into a box which reveals only the color and suit of the most recent card played. The box is then passed around for other players to add to, adding bluffing and strategy.


The first expansion for Coup G54 is called Anarchy, and it’s being kickstarted right now. Anarchy comes with 6 new roles – Anarchist, Arms Dealer, Financier, Paramilitary, Plantation Owner & Socialist – and a new Social Media action.


He looks up to no good. No good at all.
He looks up to no good. No good at all.


It also includes 6 extra player cards, and will not include any stretch goals.


Hoard is a set collection, memory, and push your luck card game for the whole family where players try to steal treasure from around a sleeping dragon – except your opponents can try and wake it faster, meaning you’ll be eaten!




Finally: Gunblades. Who doesn’t love the idea? It’s a gun AND a sword!


Seriously. Gunswords.
Seriously. Gunswords.


Trigger Discipline is a game that lets pit two duelling gun-blade-ists against each other. Find your favorite character and weapon combination – with 8 characters and 8 weapons – there’ll be one for sure – and close the distance to deliver devastating strikes before you run out of precious momentum.

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