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Board Game News Brief: May 24, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 24-May-2017

The Spiel des Jahres nominees are out; Roll Player gets a reprint (and expansion!); what’s new on Kickstarter – all on this week’s News Brief!


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Spiel des Jahres nominees announced

Gaming’s biggest award has released its list for 2017 – The prestigious German Game of The Year award (divided into Game of the Year, Children’s Game of the Year, and Connoisseur’s Game of the Year)



The list of nominees (and runner ups) can be found here, or you can run through them all in our category of the week. Gamers who’ve been following along with last year’s releases will recognize some hit titles, but others might have slipped under your radar – get them quick! SdJ nominees will sell out.


Roll Player reprint + expansion hits KS

The game of character creation has been constantly on our Trending list since its release in 2016, but with no stock to be had, gamers were always disappointed. No longer! The reprint and expansion are both rolling their way onto Kickstarter right now.



With its unique conceit and highly rated  gameplay, Roll Player was one of last year’s hits. Sold out everywhere, this is your chance to finally score a copy!


Deep Space D6 reprint with new rulebook, mini-expansion.

The minimalist solo game of being a starship captain stranded in hostile space has returned with a new print run! Originally available as a free print & play, the game has been sold out since its first printing in 2015.





Fans of science fiction, minimalist art styles, and one-player gaming should definitely check out Deep Space D6.



If flying solo isn’t your style, set your long range scanners onto our recommended list of Space-themed board games.



Quick Kickstarters

First up on the Quickstarters this week is yet another space game, Tradewars. This one slipped past our radio telescopes and thus only has six days to go as of this writing.



A card driven game about resource management and space combat, Tradewars looks great and supports solo, competitive, and co-operative play.

Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama is a really interesting one. A retheme of last year’s Essen hit Avenue but set in the universe of Kodama: The Tree Spirits, Kokoro can be explained with the following gif:



Kokoro adds dry-erase boards to replace the paper scoring pads and a new map! From the designers of Capital Lux and Doodle City, Kokoro has design chops and art to match.

Finally, we have Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve, a game that loves its kooky fantasy art just as much as it loves its alliteration.



A game of “drafting, bidding, and surviving”, Dark Dealings (base game and several expansions up for grabs) lets you play both sides as you both recruit heroes AND set up their messy and inevitable demise.

Community Centerpiece

Five hosts, five games, five minutes. The Five By is a bi-weekly podcast where its five hosts discuss five games over the course of just five minutes each.




Need a quick podcast fix? The Five By is run by intelligent, knowledgeable hosts with great taste and oration skills. One or more of them has a cute accent!



Their most recent episode discusses such great games as Arcadia Quest, Pandemic: The Cure, Dungeon Petz, Ubongo, and Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game. Why not add The Five By to your regular podcast rotation? It’s only 25 minutes long, perfect for most commutes.

Thanks for reading the BoardGamePrices News Brief! Remember to look through the SdJ Nominees list before they run out. For other quality board games, check out Popular Mechanic’s list of The 50 Best Board Games.

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