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Board Game News Brief: May 23rd, 2018

Posted Tuesday, 12-Jun-2018

42 years of Cosmic Encounter; find new Havens with Red Raven’s latest game, and 90’s classic City of Chaos gets new life.


Fantasy Flight announces new standard edition of Cosmic Encounter

Commemorating the 42nd Anniversary of Cosmic Encounter, the chaotic space of strategic negotiation, alliance, and betrayal.



Remaining fully compatible with all previous publications of Cosmic Encounter including expansions, the 42nd Anniversary Edition features a revised rulebook, new graphic design and ship components, new aliens, a Quick Start Guide, and most anticipatedly – a ‘Suggested Alien Combinations’ deck.




Cosmic Encounter 42 releases in the 3rd quarter which is FFG speak for ‘Gen Con.’ – now’s a great time to pick up any expansions you may be missing as they will remain 100% compatible with the game, life, the universe, and everything.

Red Raven Games announces Haven

A small box, two player board game from the designer of Fantastiqa and co-writer of Near & Far Alf Seegert. According to the official description:

The forest’s Guardian Spirit sleeps deeply and can no longer protect his kingdom. One of you controls the City in an effort to master the vulnerable forest using iron lore and machines. The other plays as the Forest and its creatures who attempt to defend their home with the aid of leaf lore and forest spirits.

Details are otherwise light, but the game is rocketing towards an October release so it’s probably all wrapped up.

Red Raven Games has been on fire recently with their latest titles Empires of the Void II and Near and Far becoming massive critical and sales successes, with the latter’s expansion coming this month.

1996’s City of Chaos gets revived by Ares Games

City of Chaos was a ginormous board game of an eccentric, imaginative city and the stories that lay within.


Long out of print after a modest 1000 copy production run, Ares Games (no stranger to huge box board games – WAR OF THE RING, cough) is redoing City of Chaos in a new edition with improvements and updates to the 22 year old frame. From the press release:

Byronitar is a richly detailed setting which offers an immersive experience to players. The game uses a random plot and world generator which ensures that no two games are ever alike and combines features such as tile-laying to create the game board, random events, combat, and role playing. Players can improve their characters by enrolling in many strange guilds, like The Somatologists (pacifists and healers) or The Pneumologist (use your breath as a physical force). The eccentric atmosphere of Byronitar is generated from ‘The Tome of Chaos’ with hundreds of unique paragraphs and interactions. The players must explore the city, uncover its locations and interact with its unusual denizens to discover one of the multiple sources of the chaos plaguing the streets. Byronitar is unlike any other place you have experienced.

We’ll bring you more on City of Chaos as it goes live.



This week we’ve got some unorthodox (but excellent!) stuff for you.


The Board Game Book is:

  • A 250-page hardback from a team of top games writers

  • With more than 100 critical reviews of 2018’s biggest games

  • Behind-the scenes interviews with leading game designers

Read previews of the book here and hit up the KS page here.


Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea was a huge hit last year – now the reprint is in! Along with the base set, the new box Order and Chaos features Lionkin, undead, lizardfolk and goblins while the Pestilence box adds Birdfolk and Merfolk which begin in the air and underwater respectively. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your way to victory in this real-time strategy inspired game of resource management and conquest. KS page is here.



Command and Colors. Battlelore. Battles of Westeros. Now designer Richard Borg takes to orbit with Red Alert: Space Fleet WarfareFeaturing almost a hundred ships in the base box with plenty of options for additional buy ins, Red Alert: SFW looks like it’s going to scorch the stars.


And that’s it for the news brief! Thank you for reading. In commemoration of Cosmic Encounter, check out our list of some of the very best board games set in outer space.


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