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Board Game News Brief: May 10, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 10-May-2017

It’s expansion week on the Board Game News Brief as Star Wars Rebellion, Eldritch Horror, and Five Tribe all get new boxes. Plus: What’s big on Kickstarter this week?


Prepared by Calvin Wong

Prepare to go Rogue with Rise of the Empire

First of all: That box.




Featuring overhauled combat, a whole new mission deck to play outside the timeline of the original trilogy, and pulling in material from the critically acclaimed TV show Star Wars: Rebels


Seriously, everyone, Chirrut is in this game.
Seriously, everyone, Chirrut is in this game.


The expansion adds eight new leaders, 36 minis, and over a hundred new cards to an already expansive game. We’ll know more as the release date draws closer, since Fantasy Flight is nothing if not religious with their press releases.

Star Wars: Rebellion dominated ‘Best of 2016’ lists despite its debut in the first quarter, hailed as an excellent 2 player game that captured Star Wars in a box. Have you played it?


Eldritch Horror: Cities in Ruin.

“Cities fall and storms rage all over the globe as Shudde M’ell thrashes beneath the planet’s surface.”



An ancient one threatens to wake from its slumber beneath the world, bringing with it mass destruction from Sydney to Tokyo.



Apart from the new ancient one, new preludes, and investigator Roland Banks of Arkham Horror fame, Cities in Ruin promises salvaging mechanics, map alternations as cities crumble, and other fun gameplay tweaks which we’ll learn about soon.


Five Tribes adds Whims of the Sultan

A small box expansion for Five Tribes is here, and it adds, FINALLY – a fifth player to the game with five in the name.



The titular Whims are a set of bonus scoring conditions that help you if you manage to fulfill them, giving the player up to a whopping 15 gold. The box also adds six new tiles, including new Fabulous Cities and a Great Lake.

Whims of the Sultan is compatible with the Artisans of Naqala expansion, but includes rules for playing without it.


Quick Kickstarters


This week’s first Quickstarter (look it’s a trial thing alright) is the ridiculously pretty Path of Light and Shadow.


Every campaign needs gifs.
Every campaign needs gifs.


Designed by Dead of Winter’s Jon Gilmour with illustrations by Viticulture’s Beth Sobel, Path of Light and Shadow is a 2 hour empire building game. Mixing card play with a board full of territories and miniatures, this is not a game to ignore.


Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea is back on Kickstarter after its previous outing was canceled – mainly because they were offering a version without miniatures that no one was buying. I don’t blame them: LOOK AT THESE MINIATURES.




“WarCraft: The Board Game” would be my best description as players take the roles of fantasy races in a bid to conquer, exploit, and expand. Also Explore. Seriously though, have you looked at the components?


Finally we have Code Triage, a game of trying to treat and cure patients with limited time, resources, and your hospital’s funding at stake.



With its variable emergencies, ability to customize game length, and unique theme, Code Triage is worth a look. Yes, the photography leaves a little to be desired, but the game definitely has chops.

Community Centerpiece

No Time For Games is a YouTube channel with a twist of the weird. Blending humor, video editing, and a sense of surrealism.



For example, this review of Captain Sonar, edited over footage of submarines from old films, both perfectly captures why the game is great while being strange, funny, and contemplative.


While this video meditates on the hype over huge titles like Gloomhaven set to 1972 science fiction classic Solaris.



If you’re a fan of the slightly off-kilter style, No Time For Games is a quality subscription.

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