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Board Game News Brief: March 8 2017

Posted Wednesday, 8-Mar-2017

Preview The Hunt For The Ring, get your hands on Eric Lang’s newest epic (A game so huge it crashed Kickstarter), and have a look at the first expansions for the Runewars Miniatures game.

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Rising Sun launches; breaks Kickstarter

$1.5 million dollars in less than 24 hours. Eric Lang’s new area control / diplomacy game set in fantasy feudal Japan has plenty of minis, stretch goals, and the mind of one of the industry’s finest designers.


Because Japan, see?
Because Japan, see?


The game’s launch was so popular that Kickstarter went down for a few hours, leaving eager gamers unable to grab the newest hotness.




You can check out the project here (where it will inevitably accrue so many extras as to make your head spin) or check out his previous works: games such as the adaptation of the video game classic XCOM, Chaos in the Old World, widely considered one of the best games ever made, and his previous collaboration with Rising Sun publishers CoolMiniOrNot, Blood Rage.


Preview The Hunt for the Ring

A game about the Nazgul chasing Frodo through the early chapters of The Lord of the Rings, The Hunt For The Ring was first announced back in September as a hidden movement game from the designers of Whitechapel and War of the Ring.



In the above YouTube preview by BoardGameGeek.com, designer Francesco Nepitello talks about the game’s inspirations, design, and the miniatures! His previous work, War of the Ring, is considered the quintessential Lord of the Rings experience in board gaming – the series in a box. (Letters from Whitechapel isn’t too shabby either)

Runewars Minis game gets first six expansions announced



That's a lot of boxes for one announcement.
That’s a lot of boxes for one announcement.


Fantasy Flight Game’s foray into miniatures gaming  seems confident in its ability to push content: they’ve just announced three new Hero packs and three Army packs for both the stalwart Daqan Lords and the undead Waiqar forces.


This one is my favorite. The worm is so cute!
This one is my favorite. The worm is so cute!


From the wizard Ankaur Maro to the heroic Lord Warthorne, to four-armed Rune Golems and worm-riding Carrion Lancers, these new packs are set to fill your tables with the clashing of steel. Runewars: The Miniatures Game is on the boat now and heading for shelves – but if you can’t wait, you can tide yourself over with the original Runewars or the other games in the Terrinoth universe: the dungeon-crawling Descent: Journeys in the Dark or the adventure-filled Runebound

Quick Kickstarters


Crossroads of Heroes is a game about the journey of five wuxia martial artists seeking to become grand masters.


It's kind of like kung fu.
It’s kind of like kung fu.


Choose your path; be honorable and good, or turn to evil and destroy your fellow masters. Hailing from Hong Kong, birthplace of some of the most beloved wuxia films, Crossroads of Heroes looks like a project that really breaks the mold.


From western mythology comes Cauldron Master, an all-ages game of witches and their brews.


I wanted to crop this but the art is so nice.
I wanted to crop this but the art is so nice.


Featuring a great art style, set collection, social deduction, and blind bidding mechanics, Cauldron Master has promise – and any game that lets you quote Macbeth is a plus point in my book.


Empires of the Void II is Ryan Laukat’s newest creation. The designer/illustrator of games like City of Iron and Above & Below, Empires of the Void is a game of diplomacy and conquest in space that plays in under two hours.


Ryan has style.
Ryan has style.


The art is gorgeous (because Ryan) and the game deviates pretty far from the original Empires of the Void design (released back in 2012), so even those who have the original will have something to get here. Go have a look.

Community Centerpiece

This week’s Centerpiece is the lovely YouTube duo No Pun Included. He’s Efka, she’s Elaine, they’re British, and they do reviews. Here’s their review of Scythe:



If you like their work, they have an ongoing Kickstarter right now you can contribute to, or just subscribe to their channel. I quite like them.


And that’s the News Brief! Cleanse your palate with our selection of Small Box board and card games. Pocket-sized, but with gameplay many times their weight class. See you next week!

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