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Board Game News Brief March 22 2017

Posted Wednesday, 22-Mar-2017

It’s the News Brief: Card Game Edition! Aeon’s End & Baseball Highlights 2045 receive new boxes, a Scott Pilgrim card game, and an expansion for Adrenaline is teased.


The first standalone expansion for Aeon’s End: War Eternal. 

The co-operative card game of mages fighting off monsters debuted last year to huge acclaim, and the game’s first follow up expansion has just launched on Kickstarter.


Along with the new War Eternal box, the project also offers an Upgrade Kit for owners of the original game. This upgrade kit contains a new copy of nearly every card in the original box featuring new art and replacing the original, oft-criticized graphic design with a sleeker, more modern look.

So cool.
So cool.

The kit comes free for original backers and a mere ten dollars for owners of the game. Along with War Eternal and 3 other expansion sets, the campaign is a ton of value for an excellent card game – go check it out, or look at the rest of the Aeon’s End line here.

Czech Games Edition teases new Adrenaline expansion

The tweet says it all, really.


Apart from showing off the paint job on the game’s instructor character, Violet, the Czech Games staff are teasing a new expansion prototype. Judging by the extra large base on the character, my guess is… team vs team combat.


How can you not love a smiley faced robot.
How can you not love a smiley faced robot.


Adrenaline is a surprisingly easy to pick up first person shooter based board game with fun, frantic gameplay and all the stress of player vs player combat removed – but with hidden depths. You should give it a look, it was one of the best games released last year.


Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game

Deck building with video game inspired combo moves designed by Gloom mastermind Keith Baker, SPPLCG sounds like it’s going to be a blast.


Would you punch a hole in the moon for her?
Would you punch a hole in the moon for her?


Scott Pilgrim is the story of a twenty something guy. He has it all – his own place, a band, cool friends – and then he falls in love with Ramona Flowers. But in order to date her, he must defeat her seven evil exes, who have formed a League of Evil Exes to kick his butt. (Seriously, this is the plot)

Surprisingly poignant and tender, Scott Pilgrim is untapped by the cardboard industry so far. We’ll see how Renegade Game’s (Clank!, FUSE, World’s Fair 1893) vision of it shakes one once it arrives.

Quick Kickstarters


The game of simulating futuristic baseball seasons Baseball Highlights 2045 is getting a Spring Training starter box and plenty of new expansions.



Whether or not you like baseball isn’t a requirement for enjoying this game as you try and build your team of cyborg, robot, and all-natural stars to take on other teams and win the 2045 World Series!


Entropy: Worlds Collide is a tiny card game with strategic bite as players try to outthink each other. Did I mention how good it looks?



“Take risks, deceive and outwit your opponents to save your world, and earn your right to return home.” reads the official description. Can’t get much more succinct than that!


Rob Daviau’s Stop Thief is now on Kickstarter. It’s not a card game, but it still looks awesome.


Halt, miscreant!
Halt, miscreant!


Designer of Pandemic Legacy, Stop Thief is an update for the 1979 classic board game with modern gameplay, new components and art, and an app instead of an electronic sound device. Chase thieves. Stop them. Get rewarded! Stop Thief!

Community Centerpiece


The annual Game Developer’s Conference brings together a smorgasbord of smart people who spend their lives making games, both digital and cardboard.
Image result for gdc 2017 logo
This year’s GDC talks include Eric Lang (designer of Blood Rage) talking about what he can learn from digital games, Geoff Engelstein (Space Cadets) talking about the psychology of game design, and Rob Daviau shedding some behind the scenes on the making of Pandemic Legacy.
You can find all these talks here.

And that’s it for the card game edition of the News Brief! Check out more awesome card games in our Top Card Games category on BoardGamePrices.

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