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Board Game News Brief: March 15 2017

Posted Wednesday, 15-Mar-2017

A raft of hot new games announcements in this week’s News Brief plus some absolutely gorgeous looking Kickstarters, as well as the latest Community Centerpiece.

Announcing the Game of Thrones miniatures war game.

Officially “A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game”, publisher CoolMiniOrNot promise fast and brutal gameplay in this new game system, the starter box from which has been revealed to be noble House Stark vs cunning House Lannister


You wear your honor like a suit of armor - but it will not save you.
You wear your honor like a suit of armor – but it will not save you.


The miniatures in this game will come pre-assembled, with an emphasis on being able to quickly dive into the game with easy-to-learn rules, which are designed to handle small skirmishes all the way up to epic clashes of steel.

CoolMiniOrNot is behind some of the biggest games in history, with such hits as Zombicide, Blood Rage, and Arcadia Quest under their belts. If you’ve not played one of their games, they’re definitely worth checking out.

A Sequel to Castles of Mad King Ludwig! The Palace.

Aptly titled The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, this tile-laying game returns you to Bavaria to construct another lavish and improbable residence.


Next in the series: The Mad King's Manor.
Next in the series: The Mad King’s Manor.


While in Castles the players competed to build their own individual fort, in Palace everyone is working on the same building – constructing moats, placing swans, and connecting all sorts of implausible rooms.

Palace is designed by Ted Alspach, whose previous tile laying games, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Suburbia, have received critical acclaim and remain enduring hits in the board game realm.


Two player Codenames: announcing Duet

Popular* party game Codenames is receiving a two player version, as teased by rules editor Paul Grogan on his twitter account.

*massive understatement. Codenames is Czech Game’s Edition’s biggest game ever – winning the coveted Spiel des Jahres and selling over a million copies.



Little is known about Duet other than the title, and that it is presumably for two players. Apart from Codenames and Codenames: Pictures We found out recently that there would be Codenames: Marvel as well as Codenames: Disney – and then there was last year’s adults only Codenames: Undercover.

Watch this space for more, and check out Codenames if you haven’t already. It is a stunningly clever game.

Quick Kickstarters


Strawberry Ninja is not only adorable, it’s got one of the best rules explanations I’ve ever seen on a Kickstarter page.


Fruit ninja.
Fruit ninja.


A simple and adorable game about finding a fruit who can do martial arts, Stawberry Ninja is primed to charm the socks off you. Just go and look.


From the designer of last year’s smash hit game Cry Havoc, Solstice bills itself as ‘deception and drafting for two to four players’ inspired by the scifi classic Dune.


Time and tide wait for no blade.
Time and tide wait for no blade.


Assassins and diplomats must try to take over planets using intrigue and deception in this tiny package. You can check out some of Grant Rodiek’s previous designs, Farmageddon and Cry Havoc by clicking those links.


Finally, we have Grimslingers: The Northern Territory, a 2-6 player dueling card game that also doubles as a campaign-driven co-operative title for 1-4 players. Work with your friends – or shoot them.


The Forgotten West awaits you.


Set in the weird west world of the Grimslingers – champions imbued with powerful magic and amazing technology – The Northern Territory expansion continues from the previous Valley of Death campaign. And yes, you really can be a cat or a dog. You can check out the original game here.

Community Centerpiece

On this week’s Centerpiece is Greatway Games, a podcast by Erin, Nicole, and Adrienne. They talk about games and gaming culture, make terrible puns, and are just generally awesome.



They put out an hour-long episode every month with a bonus 15-minute episode in the middle of the month. There are only 5 episodes to catch up on for now, so rev up your podcast device of choice and subscribe to Greatway Games!


Looking for some gaming ideas?  Check out our favorite games that come in small packages.

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