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Board Game News Brief: June 7th 2016

Posted Wednesday, 8-Jun-2016

Return to Terrinoth; learn new Legends of a Drift System; forge some art, and more in this weeks’ Board Game News Brief

Details revealed for new Harry Potter game: Hogwarts Battle.

Harry Potter fever hits a, well, fever pitch this year. Apart from the play set to open in July, the new film coming at the end of the year, we now have a cooperative deck-building game.


There's always a significant underrepresentation of Slytherin.
There’s always a significant underrepresentation of Slytherin.


Details are scant, but what we do know is that players can take on the role of the main trio (plus Neville) each with their own deck of cards in order to ensure the safety of Hogwarts.

Pictures of the game’s components show tantalizing clues such as house-colored dice, and 7 game boxes, perhaps each taking after the events of the 7 books?

One hopes the game will be good, and publisher USAopoly can then do a Quidditch themed follow up.


Forge your way to victory – Final Touch.

From Mike Elliot, co-designer of Quarriors and Marvel Dice Masters comes a card game about art forgery.



As the box art implies, players can either improve or smear the forgery in order to impede their opponents, who are all rival forgers. Players compete to earn the largest paydays and prevent their opponents from doing the same.


X-Wing Wave IX adds mobile firing arcs, more Rebels ships.

Tail gunners, Poe Dameron’s mother, and Sabine Wren – X-Wing continues to mine the series for mechanical inspiration.


I'd keep some of these on my desk.
I’d keep some of these on my desk.


The four ships in the set are (from left to right) the cumbersome but heavily armed ARC-170, the two-man Special Forces TIE Fighter, the fast but suicidal Protectorate Starfighter, and Ketsu Onyo’s Shadow Caster.

None of the above ships feature turrets, but instead some have tail guns and mobile firing arcs – guns that can rotate as the pilot desires. Wave IX seems to play with the idea of firing arcs in general – the Protectorate Starfighter for example is agile but thrives in the heat of head-on combat – gaining a bonus for being up close and personal with its narrow weapons profile.

Look for Wave IX to appear on shelves in the third quarter of this year.


Runebound expands – another Scenario pack and Adventure pack arrive.

“New dangers have arisen to imperil the realm of Terrinoth” reads the press release, and Fall of the Dark Star and The Mountains Rise are with themes of survival and hardiness rather than introducing any new big bad.


Smiling? On a board game box? How pleasant!
Smiling? On a board game box? How pleasant!


Fall of the Dark Star is an entirely new scenario for Runebound, where heroes must survive the cataclysmic event by seeking out Dark Shards – which, true to their name, bestow you with both a blessing and a curse. Surviving the events of the fall is no mean feat, and heroes will be plunged into combat against each other until only one prevails.

The Mountains Rise on the other hand, is an adventure pack which can be added to any Runebound scenario, and includes mainly mountain-themed gear, enemies, and a new hero.

These expansions too release in the third quarter.


Quick Kickstarters

Xia: Legends of a Drift System was a big hit when it came to Kickstarter 3 years ago. The game of space exploration, trade, combat, and pick-up-and-deliver with fully painted ship miniatures and upgrade paths was extremely successful, and now the expansion, Embers of a Forsaken Star, is here for your consideration.

If it's forsaken, why are we here?
If it’s forsaken, why are we here?

This small expansion adds three new ships, new sectors to explore, and a solo variant which allows you to take off and carve your own path through the stars.
Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 has one of the best box covers I’ve ever seen.

Revolution is a messy business, but that art is clean as can be.
Revolution is a messy business, but that art is clean as can be.

Poland is under siege. Student protesters have rioted, and Soviet leadership responds violently. Days of Ire tells the story of the Revolution of the 23rd of October, playable either cooperatively or in a 1 vs many mode.
The game is made by the designers of [redacted], another historically inspired game of spy vs counterpsy, and looks really really slick.
From the company that brought you Innovation, Mottanai, and Impulse, One Deck Dungeon is, as the name suggests, a rogue-like dungeon crawl in only 54 cards.

Get 'em, ladies!
Get ’em, ladies!

Featuring a cast of (fully clothed) female heroes and tons of dice-chucking and multi-role card selection, the game is meant for 1 to 2 players (or up to 4 with 2 sets) and plays in under an hour.
Delving dungeons is just like robbing banks, right? Perfect Crime is a cooperative heist game inspired by the great bank robberies of cinema and real life.

The only crime here is the lighting. Would it kill you to open a window?
The only crime here is the lighting. Would it kill you to open a window?

Perfect Crime is an “asymmetrical, modern day, tower defence style bank robbery game with fast setup, hidden information, [and] tons of tension”, which to me sounds like a winning combination. With its Gotham inspired art style and multiple modes of play (competitive, co-op, semi co-op with the threat of doublecross) Perfect Crime looks like a perfect time.

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