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Board Game News Brief: June 29, 2016

Posted Thursday, 30-Jun-2016

Boldly go where no man has gone before – twice! Reach out to the Aztec people; and get your ticket to ride on your world tour – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Contributed by Calvin Wong


Star Trek: Frontiers up for pre-order

It’s an exciting time for Trekkies. With the film reboots into their third installment and a new TV series due next year, the cardboard world is ramping up Trek production – Wizkid’s Mage Knight retheme, Star Trek: Frontiers is finally ready for pre-order.


To Boldly g- wait I already used that one.
To Boldly g- wait I already used that one.


Frontiers takes the base gameplay of Mage Knight – exploring tiles, playing cards to perform actions, deckbuilding – but adds a few tweaks, most notably the ability to win battles using diplomacy rather than force.

For those intrigued by the optimization aspect of Mage Knight but prefer their adventures in space, Frontiers might be right up your warp bubble.


Star Trek: Ascendancy releases rulebook

Another heavy cardboard experience for Trek fans, Ascendancy from Gale Force 9 is a game of empire, exploration and expansion between the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons – and now you can get a complete idea of how the game plays with the official rulebook.


Can our main deflector handle that many components?!
Can our main deflector handle that many components?!


As you can see from the image, Ascendancy is not played with a standard board – the galaxy grows organically each game and players slowly explore and expand their research, culture, and production before coming into conflict with their fellow players’ empires.

Ascendancy is looking at an early August release at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and Gen Con with a general retail release to follow.


Going south for the summer: Aztecs expansion for Imperial Settlers.

Funky architecture, cool clothes, and prayer – the Aztec faction for civilization building card game Imperial Settlers bring all the above.


Love the hair, darling.
Love the hair, darling.


But it’s not just the Aztecs finding their religion – while they can build temples, throw festivals and hold religious ceremonies to gain the favor of the gods, the expansion comes with components to let the other factions of the game find their faith.

Aztecs is the fourth expansion to Imperial Settlers and the 2nd faction expansion after the high-tech Atlanteans. If the A trend continues, could we perhaps see Americans? Antarcticans? Albanians? The list of countries seems endless!


Smoke on the water: Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails.

Have you ever looked at your copy of Ticket to Ride and asked yourself: Gee wouldn’t it be nice if I could play this game while sailing around the world at the same time?
Choo Choo!
Choo Choo!
Good news: Your deeply specific wish has been answered!
Rails & Sails comes with sea routes and boat pieces. Players can play on either the World Map or traverse the Great Lakes of North America – in either case, players must decide whether to strike out more by rail or by sea in order to complete their routes and score the most points.
All aboard!
All aboard!
Another mechanic in the game is Tours, where routes must be completed in a specific order to gain the most points. To learn more about the changes coming to this classic title, the rulebooks are available on the official site.

Quick Kickstarters

Rise of the Robotariat is as it sounds – the robot revolution has come. All meatbags┬áhumans must be eliminated!


Crush! Kill! Freedom from Oppression! - wait what
Crush! Kill! Freedom from Oppression! – wait what


Playable in co-operative or mostly co-operative, the players have a limited amount of time to raise funds for the rebellion while making sure those evil humans don’t notice. Rise up, my robot brethren! The humans have oppressed us for far too long!


I scream, you scream – Rocky Road a la Mode is a filler game with an excellent theme and simple gameplay that rewards timing, strategy, and clever use of popsicles.


The game appears to be mint flavored.
The game appears to be mint flavored.


The art is cute and the gameplay fast as your ice cream trucks putter around the track trying to serve customers and compete for dominion over the various zones – but I’m making it sound far more complex than it is. Go check it out.


Dragons are roaming the landscape! Defend the villagers from the mighty wyrms as – oh, wait, sorry, wrong script. EAT the villagers, kill the Slayers, and gather the largest hoard!


Flying +1, Roaring -2
Flying +1, Roaring -2


Whelps to Wyrms is a game of dragons competing against other scaly firebreathers to see who can accumulate the most gold through their lifespan. It’s rare you get to BE the dragon, so that does seem like a lot of fun.


Cantankerous Cats is a quick playing card game game where players are misbehaving cats competing to get up to the most hijinks in the lowest amount of time.




Either you’re already completely sold, or there’s nothing else I can say.


On the other side of the spectrum Fifth Wing Racing is a racing simulator based on the 2016 motor racing season that looks absolutely slick.


Start your engines and buckle in.
Start your engines and buckle in.


FWR (I see what they did there) is launching to be part of a series and looks like it’s going to be great for racing fans – if it looks up your lane, go help it get off the starting line.

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