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Board Game News Brief: June 28, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 28-Jun-2017

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 officially announced, a 10th Anniversary Reprint of Container, and the newest game from CGE; all on this week’s News Brief

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

“The world is on the brink of total collapse” begins the release announcement for Season 2 of 2016’s smash hit Pandemic Legacy. Season 1’s meteoric rise to the #1 spot on BoardGameGeek means that expectations could not be higher for the second season. Here’s what we know:



71 years after the events of Season 1, humanity is on its last legs. Only a few cities remain, supplied by floating stations far out at sea. You must save the few remaining cities and lead the world to a brighter, less infected future.



As you can see in the above image, communication has been cut off from most of the world. With air travel a thing of the past, you must carefully explore by sea and land what has happened to the rest of the planet – and who knows what you might find?

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is available for pre-order right now for a release in the fall, after Gen Con.

Container to get 10th Anniversary Edition

First off, the minis!



Container is a game of ships, economy, and logistics; and now with bigger ships! Ship other player’s goods and help set prices to make sure your cash reserves end up bigger than the others. Container and its expansion Second Shipment are still in print after ten long years, but this anniversary edition will certainly glam up the game for those with an interest in the visual aspect.

Quick Kickstarters

First up is greek mythical tile laying game EPHYRAN.



The art is cutesy and the powers are mythical. Be Poseidon, Gaia, Hephaestus, or Aether and build the city to the needs of the gods! Ehpyran is here for you to look at.

21 Days is a co-operative survival game of being lost at sea that does some really interesting things with its components:



Honestly if you’re not already sold I don’t know what to say that can further sell you. Go check out the campaign.

Next up we have MIND, a game about saving the human colonies of the solar system from destruction.



With Earth and Mars as playable factions and a sleek futuristic look, MIND (there are actually dots in between the letters but my wrists refuse) I recommend having a look!

Community Centerpiece

The BoardGameGeek crew do an excellent job posting video previews and updates from the various conventions and trade fairs around the world, but every so often they break the mold. Here is Pandemic Legacy designer Rob Daviau chatting with BGG’s W. Eric Martin – with periodic interruptions by Daviau’s colleague JR Honeycutt.



The pair discuss how to skip lines at airports, Rob’s tweet that got 100,000 likes on Twitter, conventiongoing, Rob’s design process (involving his wife, fellow ex-Hasbro designer Lindsay, and what’s coming up next.

And that’s it for the news! Be sure to check out our top-searched games of June, including the Spiel des Jahres nominated Magic Maze, the absolutely gorgeous Century: Spice Road and Sagrada, and great prices on Scythe, Concordia, and Robinson Crusoe.


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