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Board Game News Brief: June 22, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 22-Jun-2016

Find out the children’s game of the year; ride off into the Doomtown sunset; go head to head for Catan; and more, in this week’s board game news brief.


My First Stone Age wins the Kinderspiel des Jahres

The kid-friendly spin-off of worker placement, memory, and set collection has been chosen as Children’s Game of the Year by a jury of board game critics from the German-speaking countries.


I wanna ride a mammoth, dangit.
I wanna ride a mammoth, dangit.


My First Stone Age is an age-appropriate reimplementation of Stone Age, the game of pre-historic village building – in which players compete to build three huts and collect hidden sets of resources in order to do so. This new version was awarded the Kinderpsiel over fellow nominees Leo, a memory game about taking a lion to the barbershop, and Mmm! a Reiner Knizia design about the mice coming out to feed when the cat’s not around to catch them.

The awards for grown-up games, the Spiel and Kennerspiel, will be announced on the 18th of July.


Doomtown: Reloaded holsters its pistols, saddles up for a final ride

AEG’s reboot of the classic weird west card game was launched two years ago to rave reviews despite the heavy learning curve – now, after sixteen expansions, the company has announced that after the release of Blood Moon Rising in October, they will no longer be involved with Doomtown.


It's sunsets for you, darlin'.
It’s sunsets for you, darlin’.


In a press release explaining the decision, AEG said they would be handing the reins back to Pinnacle Entertainment Group, from whom AEG are licensing Doomtown. Pinnacle, however, do not currently have any plans to continue publishing Reloaded, although that possibility has not been ruled out.

AEG will be supporting organized play for Reloaded until the end of the year and continuing to release story content on their website, but after that, it’ll be sad times for the inhabitants of Gomorra – although this does mean that complete Doomtown sets will be cheaper to obtain.


Rivals for Catan Deluxe to release September

The two player card game variant of smash hit series Catan will be receiving a deluxe edition. While presumably there will be component upgrades, the main draw is the compilation of the base game with both the Era of Darkness and Era of Enlightment expansions, as well as 9 promotional cards from various conventions and other sources.


How many games are there in this series anyway?
How many games are there in this series anyway?


Rivals for Catan was itself a reimplementation of the Catan Card Game with streamlined mechanics, and compared to normal Catan, can take place in different eras of time.


Cleanse the darkness with two new heroes for Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game

Available now, these two character packs give us the Witch Hunter and the Troll Slayer – will you be a pious, pistol-packing servant of faith, or a suicidally aggressive dwarf with an aversion to armor.


Don't bring a mohawk to a hat fight.
Don’t bring a mohawk to a hat fight.


The Witch Hunter is a thinkier breed of hero, having to carefully consider the timing of her shots and actions, as she can gain major benefits from playing the right action at the right time. The Troll Slayer however is looking to atone for a past shame with lethal aggression. Charging forward into combat, wielding Me Father’s Axe in the right hand and Me Father’s Other Axe in the left, Troll Slayers have no time for such petty things as armor, or attacking the weakest enemies first.


Quick Kickstarters

Richard Launius is working overtime – the master of eldritch darkness has yet another game of ancient evil going out this week – Madness at Midnight is a dice rolling and action selection game of Lovecraftian Horror where players are competing to be the first cult to awaken their ancient god – but without attracting too much attention from the investigators.


Tick, tick.
Tick, tick.


If the federal agents descend on Arkham, then all players lose – except the one in last place, who escapes notice.


The third in the trilogy after Albion and Sherwood, Neverland’s Legacy is a dice rolling skirmish game based in the mythology of Peter Pan. This cooperative title places players in the roll (geddit) of Peter, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys – or as Captain Hook and his pirates. Players will attack the other faction’s home base and attempt to rescue Lost Boys or capture them, respectively.


Growing up has always seemed overrated.
Growing up has always seemed overrated.


The Kickstarter also allows access to conversion kits for their previous games, letting you play the story-focused King Arthur RPG style Albion with Neverland characters, or Sherwood’s tower defense gameplay with the knights of the round table – or bring Robyn Hood and Maid Marian to Captain Hook’s pirate ship.


Winning the election was the easy part, now can you keep your seat? Statecraft is a game of political power and strategy that challenges players to make it through assassinations, scandals, and international crises, with a focus on being as true as possible to real world political dealings.


If only it were as easy as building a fancy, multi-colored logo.
If only it were as easy as building a fancy, multi-colored logo.


Players build a political party along specific viewpoints, declare their manifesto – then try to hold on to support and ideology as they are rocked by crisis and scandal. Statecraft challenges players to see the real inner workings of the political system.


On the lighter side of things, Tim Fowers is back. Designer of Paperback and Burgle Bros., Fugitive is a ten minute two player card game of dueling wits between the elusive, bluffing Fugitive and the crafty, deductive Marshall trying to catch him.


Spy vs... Cop I guess.
Spy vs… Cop I guess.


Quick playing, tense action, and awesome art. What’s not to like?


Fans of Brandon Sanderson’s critically acclaimed Mistborn series of fantasy novels will be please to hear that Kevin Wilson, designer of such classic fantasy titles as Descent, Wiz-War, and Game of Thrones is behind the new game Mistborn: House War. Players must both compete to secure influence and power for their own house while cooperating to overcome rebellion, environmental disaster, and those pesky protagonists always trying to overthrow you.


Maybe if people smiled more in the Council we wouldn't NEED to have House Wars...
Maybe if people smiled more in the Council we wouldn’t NEED to have House Wars…


Featuring a similar mechanic to Madness at Midnight above, should the empire fall, the House with the least victory points shall emerge victorious, leading to a tense game of intrigue where one rogue element can throw everything out of balance. Play as House Venture, Hasting, Lekal, The Steel Ministry, or up to 8 others in the House War.

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