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Board Game News Brief: June 21, 2017

Posted Thursday, 22-Jun-2017

Coming down from Origins 2017, Murder in Hong Kong gets an expansion, what’s new on Kickstarter, and announcing the winner of the Kinderspiel des Jahres!

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Ice Cool wins the 2017 Kinderspiel des Jahres

Announced last weekend, the Kinderspiel des Jahres (children’s game of the year) is one of gaming’s three highest honors alongside the Game of the Year and Connoisseur’s Game of the Year.



Designed by Egils Grasmanis, Janis Grunte, Edgars Zakis and Reinis Butans under the collective psuedonym Brian Gomez, Ice Cool is a dexterity game of flicking cute penguins across a three dimensional board. I got to play this at Essen last year and it was a great little game, very adorable and fun!



Ice Cool is available in the US and you should definitely grab it before it sells out, as SdJ winners tend to!

Murder in Hong Kong expanded by Deception: Undercover Allies

The game of social deduction and murder mystery has just launched its expansion on Kickstarter and boy does it look classy.




Okay maybe that second image is a little less cyberpunk, but the game’s premise does lend itself to the absurd as you try and solve the case while avoiding the traitor in your midst.

Adding new roles, clues, scenes, and upping the player count to 14, Deception: Uncover Allies looks like it’ll be a great follow up expansion.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong has been a hit since its release, beating out The Resistance and One Night Ultimate Werewolf in BoardGamePrices.com rankings for 2017.

Be A Better Human: The Followup to Nakamura Tower

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower was a cyberpunk action game where RPGs, board games, and tactical miniatures collided. Now the follow up standalone title, Be A Better Human, is on Kickstarter boasting incredible miniatures, an evocative cyberpunk world, and the ability to expand your set of Nakamura Tower.



The official description reads:

Join forces to escape a high-security, illegal prison (black site) and gather evidence on the unlawful doings of massive corporations. Learn to effectively employ cybernetic modifications and combat software to defeat merciless defense systems and enhanced guard teams. Make battle in the real and virtual worlds at the same time, the prize often being to simply retain your own humanity for a little while longer.



Be A Better Human looks absolutely gorgeous. Go have a look, or else check out Nakamura Tower before committing.

Quick Kickstarters

This week’s trio of campaigns begins with Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture. Pronounced Wa-ha-ka, this little engine building title takes inspiration from the traditional handicrafts of southern Mexico and turns it into a game of making and selling.



With a compelling solo mode, fantastic visuals, and fun gameplay, Oaxaca looks like a good game to back.

The equally intriguing Rabbit Island comes with the subtitle ‘Explore. Build. Conquer.’. It looks adorable and is about building an island using carrots as currency.



If you’re not already completely sold I don’t know how to further sell you on this game. Go check out Rabbit Island

Moving onto the last game, Triplock is a steampunk game of lockpicking in an alternate history New London.



The components and artwork are stellar while the gameplay itself is pretty promising; a game of skill and memory where you race against your opponent to get past an invaluable master lock. It also has a solo mode and SERIOUSLY those components!

Community Centerpiece

In this week’s centerpiece we’re featuring Bower’s Game Corner, a YouTube channel of previews, reviews, and interviews. They went to Origins 2017 and filmed a series of Bonanza videos which you can check out.



I was particularly intrigued by the promise of Deep: Enemy Frontier, ‘a 4X game (exploration, exploitation, expansion, and extermination) where each player plays as one of the X’es’

This from the company behind last year’s hit asymmetric game, Vast: The Crystal Caverns, a dungeon crawler where one player IS the dungeon.

Bower’s Game Corner features interviews and previews of what feels like every single game at the convention, so if you’re looking on info on what could end up being the next big thing, go have a look.

Thank you for reading the News Brief! Be sure to check out the other cool titles that released at Origins this year including such great games as Among The Stars 2.0 Fields of Green, the hot game of the con, Century: Spice Road, the Spiel des Jahres nominated Magic Maze, the absolutely intriguing Spirit Island and the absolutely gorgeous Trickster: Champions of Time

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