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Board Game News Brief: June 20th, 2018

Posted Friday, 6-Jul-2018

Axis & Allies & Zombies, Century: Eastern Wonders, and Warhammer 40k invades a franchise you wouldn’t expect – plus some exciting Kickstarters!

War correspondence by Calvin Wong

Axis & Allies… & Zombies.

The epic 2 to 5 player war game has let players fight as the 5 major factions of WWII for 37 years – and with myriad editions over the years we thought we saw every variation of the game we could.

Until now.


The zombie apocalypse will leave infantry battles fraught with new peril as dead infantry can rise to undeath and present a whole new third faction that players will have to worry about – or use to their advantage as their enemies have to deal with masses of undead hordes.

Along with a host of new anti zombie and zombie-harnessing technologies, the game will come with a deck of cards to augment any copy of Axis and Allies with the zombie invasion.

With 215 minis in the box split among fleets of tanks, transports, bombers, and the walking dead, the game is available now for under thirty dollars in our store.


Century: Eastern Wonders released!

Last year’s huge hit engine building card game Century: Spice Road was both a critical darling and commercial hit – not least because of the exciting tease from Plan B Games that the game would be part of a trilogy of titles that could be combined into one larger game.

Now Eastern Wonders adds pick-up-and-deliver to that strategy, and both titles can be combined to add elements from one to the other forming a whole third game: Century: Sand and Sea.

With tons of shapely wooden ships and trading posts, Eastern Wonder keeps the incredible visuals of the series while adding heavier gameplay in a new style. It’s available for under 30 dollars in our store.


Warhammer 40k Monopoly

Yes you heard that right.


All we have is this catalog image and the game info from Amazon:

  • Take the infinite war to new levels in Monopoly Warhammer 40,000
  • Play as one of six iconic metal tokens representing key factions
  • Make your way around the board buying, selling and trading properties from the 41st Millennium
  • Includes custom tokens featuring Eldar Rune, Ork, Choppa, Chaos Star, Space Marine Helmet, Necron Monolith, and Tyranid Ripper
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 13+ | 60+ Min Play Time

Sure sounds like Monopoly! If you’ve ever wanted to lure your non-gamer relatives into the grimdark of Warhammer I guess this can’t be all that bad especially if you play by the real rules. Interested warbands and terminator squads can pre-order now.




Ending in a few days, Steepseers is a game about tea reading with spirits and seers. You’re either instantly sold or have scrolled past, but that art is phenom.




Also ending soon, Planecrafters is an engine building, frame-constructing, engineer-hiring game set in the age of flight.



Not a game, but we’ve covered Greg Cornell’s amazing and lovely stop-motion How To Play videos before. He’s seeking funding for his videos and I assure you, they are very, very good.


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