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Board Game News Brief: June 1st 2016

Posted Wednesday, 1-Jun-2016

Scythe receives expansion, Eric Lang announces new game with Bruno Faidutti, and time to go to school in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Worst kept secret: Scythe expansion announced, adds two new factions

Invaders? Aaaah!
Invaders? Aaaah!

Eric Lang announces new collaboration with Bruno Faidutti

The game is called SECRETS and I’ll let the man himself explain:

When the designers of games like Blood Rage and Mascarade announce a collaboration, it’s something worth paying attention to.

 The first previews are up for Arcane Academy

The spell-slinging collaboration between Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson was called “elegantly simple and incredibly fascinating in its versatility” by Nate Murray writing for Gametrade Magazine.

The game takes place during student wizard’s final exams at Arcane Academy, and players must link tiles together on their personal player board to amplify and combo the effects of their spells while playing cards to manage their resources or attack other player’s board states.


Arcane Academy is based on the Finding Gossamyr comic, where math is the language of Magic.


Quick Kickstarters

The Princess and the Goblin is a family-friendly memory game of escape and mistrust. Based on the story from 1872, players slowly build a board of tiles as they attempt to escape the mountain while being chased by Goblins. They can leave breadcrumbs to remind themselves of their chosen path (as the tiles are kept face down) but these can also be used to misdirect your opponents.

Run, run, as fast as you can!
Run, run, as fast as you can!

Science fiction mech piloting game Outchasers has a cool art style and features 1v1 combat between two pilots and the mech of their choice. Equip your mech with powerful one shot weaponry, or go slow and steady with reusable gear – push your advantage or hold back and earn precious Charge to power up your abilities.

I wonder how tough it is to get into mech pilot school.
I wonder how tough it is to get into mech pilot school.

Outchasers has a cool hand-drawn art style and interesting gameplay ideas.

Not to be confused with Princess of the Renaissance, Martin Wallace’s Princes of the Renaissance has entered the land of reprints 13 years after first publication. The designer of such classics as Brass and Age of Steam, Wallace’s take on Italian princedoms, war, and treachery has been out of print for over a decade.

Confusingly, the art features at least one princess.
Confusingly, the art features at least one princess.

This new edition features updated art and some minor gameplay tuning.

Finally we have The Pirate Republic, a 4X game set in the Carribean where you play as pirates attempting to overthrow European rule. The game comes with fully co-operative, competitive, treacherous, and semi co-op game modes and is intended to be suitable as both a gateway game for the new and appeal to the more in-depth gamer.

No DVDs in sight, cap'n!
No DVDs in sight, cap’n!

Citing Dungeons and Dragons, Mage Knight and Shadows over Camelot as inspirations, The Pirate Republic has many treasures to plunder, should you have the courage.



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