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Board Game News Brief: June 10, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 10-Jun-2015

Turtle Power Comes to the Table

WizKids has announced that they will be working with TV channel Nickelodeon to produce Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle board games.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Board Games 01
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Board Games set to expand to WizKids’ collectable HeroClix and Dice Masters games.


Starting with Ninja Turtle versions of WizKids’ collectable HeroClix and Dice Masters games, it should see some exciting releases both for young fans of the Turtles’ latest incarnation, and those nostalgic for their early comic and cartoon adventures.

Small World Designer Edition

Days of Wonder has released the Designer Edition of their popular Small World game.


Small World Designer Edition 02
A wooden box, large board and resin pieces make the new Small World Designer Edition a collector’s favorite.


If you’re a fan of the charmingly illustrated fantasy strategy game, in which berserk hobbits, flying giants and mercenary elves can end up vying for dominance, then this luxury edition may be for you. With its wooden box, large board and resin pieces, it’s a real collector’s item.


Fantasy Flight Release Tournament Kits

To support people running organised competitions, Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of a number of tournament kits for their collectable games.


Fantasy Flight Tournament Kits 03
Fantasy Flight tournament kits will be coming to games such as Adroid: Netrunner and Star Wars X-Wing and others.


Fantasy Flight tournament kits will cover popular games such as Android Netrunner, StarWars: X-Wing and the Games of Thrones Living Card Game. These packs will support people running competitions from small local leagues to large convention tournaments. So if you’re looking to encourage play in your area, and get some more games in over the summer, then check out the Fantasy Flight site.


Mage Wars Expand

Mage Wars Arena is set to expand with Battlegrounds Domination, the latest expansion for Arcane Wonders’ game.


Mage Wars Arena 04
The Mage Wars Arena expansion with Battlegrounds Domination will give players more chances to customize their battlegrounds.


Adding new tiles and spells to the game of battling mages, it lets you create your own endlessly varied battlegrounds.


Quick Kickstarters

If you’d like to stop playing heroes, and instead control the monsters bothering them, then check out Monstrous from Good Games USA.


Good Games USA 05
Greek gods get angry in Good Games USA’s new game, Monstrous.


In this new game, you play wrathful Greek gods, sending your minions down to crush the faithless mortals.


Cosmic Kaboom 06
Cosmic Kaboom by Minion Games takes players all over deep space with a simple flick.


Minion Games are presenting an unusual take on deep space combat with Cosmic Kaboom, a science fiction game in which you control your ships by flicking them around the board.


Zombicide Black Plague 07
Players team up to survive in Zombicide: Black Plague


Cool Mini Or Not have taken a step back in time, looking to fund a medieval version of their Zombicide cooperative survival game, Zombicide: Black Plague.


Civicus board game 08
Civilization relies on the roll of the dice in Civicus.


Civicus, being kickstarted by Will Hilburn, is a civilisation building game based on dice instead of large maps, for a fun variation on a popular theme.


Founder Board Game 09
Founder from Global Innovation Village will test every players business sense. Are you up for the challenge?


Try your hand as an entrepreneur without risking a fortune in Founder from Global Innovation Village, a game of business building, bluff and trade.

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