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Board Game News Brief: July 9th 2016

Posted Saturday, 9-Jul-2016

Say goodbye to Mrs White; welcome to the Shadows over Innistrad; see how many Death Stars you blew up – and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong

Classic Clue character Mrs. White has been killed off

No, we don’t know the weapon, but we do know the culprit: Hasbro has retired Mrs. White from the list of suspects and replaced her with Dr. Orchid. The game, named Cluedo by the original designer, hasn’t had a roster change since 1949.


Professor Plum, have you met Dr Orchid and Reverend Green? Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard have brought Miss Scarlett for tea.
Professor Plum, have you met Dr Orchid and Reverend Green? Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard have brought Miss Scarlett for tea.


Dr. Orchid has a PhD in plant Toxicology and was home-schooled by Mrs. White – and the adoptive daughter of Samuel Black, the murder victim. She was privately educated in Switzerland, “until her expulsion following a near-fatal daffodil poisoning incident”. One wonders what her character color will be.



Arena of the Planeswalkers: Shadows over Innistrad now available

The Lovecraft themed Magic: The Gathering set comes to the board game. Shadows over Innistrad is the second expansion for Arena of the Planeswalkers, the Heroscape-based board game of dueling magicians and creature summoning.


"Look, it's not my fault, the call sheet ASKED for dark and brooding."
“Look, it’s not my fault, the call sheet ASKED for dark and brooding.”


Set on the plane of Innistrad and introducing Jace and Sorin as playable characters, the expansion promises new twisted terrain and the ability to summon deadly creatures of the night.

Arena of the Planeswalkers was released in 2015 and the previous expansion, Battle for Zendikar, introduced 1 vs many gameplay and multicolored planeswalker Kiora.


Star Wars: Rebellion releases new FAQ, player testimonies, & statistics

Rebellion: Week One was an event launched by Fantasy Flight Games to involve players of the then newly released Star Wars Rebellion in a battle for territory. Players submitted data on which side won the game, as well as which planets were destroyed by Death Stars, the locations of their hidden rebel bases, etc. The full report can be found here.




Apart from fun statistics such as how many Death Stars were blown up and whether Leia is more popular than Luke, FFG also released the game’s first FAQ to outline rule issues – and many fun-to-read testimonies of player experiences. Last-minute victories snatched from the jaws of defeat-by-lasery-death, testimonies about playing with children, all these and more can be read on the official link above.


Tabletop gaming outstripped video games on Kickstarter 6-to-1 in 2016

Video game website Polygon reports on the crowdfunding website’s performance this year, with a focus on how well tabletop appears to be doing.


Why green, I wonder.
Why green, I wonder.


“Tabletop games have raised six times more money than video games over the same six month period, and four times more projects were funded. It puts the board gaming category on track for a record year.” reports UK-based consulting and marketing intelligence firm ICO Partners. “It seems like there is healthy relationship between those projects and crowdfunding, that might not be as natural, or as elegant for video games”

The most successful project this year was Dark Souls, which raised more than 5.4 million dollars.


Quick Kickstarters

Temp Worker Assassins is exactly as the name implies. You’ve been assigned to kill the full time employees, taking them out through violent and grisly means. You’ve also got to steal office supplies.


Something about that guy just makes me wanna off him.
Something about that guy just makes me wanna off him.


Said supplies will also be used as weaponry in this card game of workplace violence and corporate disobeying. Did we mention murder? Definitely murder.

Many games promise consequences, but how many can truly say that they hang in the Cosmic Balance? Featuring a literal scale that tips between Heaven and Hell, this game of godly powers and quirky, surrealistic art seems like a real winner.


Tipping the scales, quite literally.
Tipping the scales, quite literally.


Recruit powerful creatures and try and keep the scales from tipping in your opponent’s favor – and remember that everything hangs in the balance.

Getting away from all that is Jutaku, a minimalist game about being a Japanese architect.


I love the smell of laser cut wood in the morning.
I love the smell of laser cut wood in the morning.


You’re already completely sold, right? What about the fact that you get three games with different rules all using the same components? Talk about less is more.

Finally, Secret Directive is a game about spying, subterfuge, subversion, and other words starting with S – Sources, secrets, sabotage…


Retro as heck.
Retro as heck.


The artwork is awesome and the theme ice cool as players compete to guide their government to victory while foiling the plans of opposing nations. Statecraft as spy vs spy sacrifices – okay I’ll stop.

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