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Board Game News Brief: July 29, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015

 Contributed by Calvin Wong


The Return: Fury of Dracula Third Edition announced

Long awaited hidden movement game Fury of Dracula has been a holy grail of most gaming collections – much beloved, but out of print and exceedingly expensive.


He's badder than ever
He’s badder than ever


Fantasy Flight Games has just revealed details for the third edition, which include updates to the combat system and movement rules.


Solving the Mysterium

Mysterium (released originally in Polish as Tajemnicze Domostwo) is publisher Libellud’s attempt at bringing the game to the US market.




A cross between Clue and Dixit, this gorgeous co-operative game casts players as psychic investigators trying to solve a murder, helped by a silent player who acts as a ghost, giving the players dream visions that they must interpret.


One Night Ultimate Vampire offers new Werewolf experience.

Continuing the vampire theme, One Night Ultimate Werewolf has introduced this new standalone expansion.


Bump in the night.
Bump in the night.


Bezier Game’s party game reduces the classic social deduction game to a single round, to which Vampire adds new roles and even a new team!


King of Tokyo gets new crossover monster

In one of the more improbable crossovers in recent months, Iello games has announced the Draccus. A monster from Patrick Rothfuss’ popular fantasy novel The Name of the Wind, the Draccus has been recreated as a King of Tokyo promotional character.


Tree-eating dinosaurs! Run!
Tree-eating dinosaurs! Run!


Fully compatible with both King of Tokyo and followup game King of New York, the Draccus will be available at Gen Con and at Patrick Rothfuss’ website thereafter.


Quick Kickstarters

New Bedford is a medium weight worker placement game about the historical whaling community, produced by Dice Hate Me Games

[redacted]’s second expansion, Garden Party, takes the the spy vs spy game of counter-espionage outdoors.


Skywhales! How can you resist.
Skywhales! How can you resist.


Battle of Iron Ring Skies is a steampunk sci-fi miniatures game for two to five players. It has sky whales!



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