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Board Game News Brief: July 22 2015

Posted Wednesday, 22-Jul-2015

Contributed by Andrew Knighton


Shoot It Out With Flick ‘Em Up

New company Pretzel Games have announced their first release, the fun looking Flick ‘Em Up.


Howdy, pardner. That's a mighty fine game you've got there.
Howdy, pardner. That’s a mighty fine game you’ve got there.


A western themed dexterity game, Flick ’em Up will see you using wooden playing pieces to knock out cowboy meeples.  It comes with tiny cactuses and a cardboard saloon for that full western feel.


Go Gangster With Mafia: Vendetta

Fantasy Flight are releasing an English language edition of Dimitry Davidoff’s party game Mafia: Vendetta.


Who wouldn't want to be at their party?
Who wouldn’t want to be at their party?


A game for 7 to 17 players, it’s built around the same sort of bluffing and deception as the hugely popular Werewolf.  If you like bluffing games but are getting bored of playing terrorised villagers, it could be the game for you.


Android: Netrunner North American Championship

Also from Fantasy Flight come details of the Android: Netrunner North American Championship tournament.  Taking place at this years GenCon, prizes range from a variant runner card for all participants through to a trophy and reserved places at the next World and North American Championships.


Princes of the Renaissance Returns

Martin Wallace’s Princes of the Renaissance will be receiving a reprint thanks to Mercury Games.  Originally published by Warfrog Games in 2003, like many Warfrog releases Princes of the Renaissance had a small print run but proved popular with the players who managed to get hold of it.  The re-release, one of several recent reprints of Wallace’s games, will let a new wave of players get hold of this game of strategy and manipulation.


Quick Kickstarters

Fight crime and save the city with cooperative card game Crime Lords of Knight City by N20 Games.

Bargain for the best business in nautically themed card game Fleet Wharfside from Fleet designers Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback.


A new version of the Fleet card game.
A new version of the Fleet card game.


Train to be the ultimate ninja in Ninja Camp, a fast paced family friendly tactical card game from Action Phase Games.


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