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Board Game News Brief: July 19, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 19-Jul-2017

A Cthulhu Wars reprint, the Spiel des Jahres winners, a new game in the Gloomhaven universe; all this and more in the Board Game News Brief.

Spiel des Jahres 2017 winners

The annual SdJ (Game of the Year) and Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur’s Game of the Year) winners have been announced! And the Oscar of gaming goes to:




Kingdomino and the Exit Series of games have been named the SdJ and KdJ winners, respectively!



Kingdomino is a lightweight game of building a kingdom using domino shaped pieces designed by Bruno Cathala, whose previous works include Days of Wonder’s newest title Yamatai, Cyclades, the area control game of Greek myth, and smash hit 2 player game 7 Wonders: Duel.

This is Cathala’s second Spiel des Jahres win after his 2005 game Shadows Over Camelot, which invented the ‘co-op with a traitor’ genre, received a special prize in the 2006 awards ceremony.

The Exit Series meanwhile is a set of co-operative escape-room themed games, each in a unique setting with puzzles to solve and clues to find – while racing against the clock. Designers Inka and Markus Brand celebrate their third SdJ win (their game Word Slam was also nominated this year) – their generational worker placement game Village won in 2012.

Check out Kingdomino and Exit quickly – SdJ winners tend to sell out really fast.

Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 3

Cthulhu Wars is back. The giant game of otherworldly monstren and the cultists who seek to bring them about is back for a third printing, currently running on Kickstarter.



Filled with incredible miniatures and featuring simple yet compelling area control gameplay, Cthulhu Wars players each take on the role of a different Old One as they battle for control of one of the planes of existence.



This Kickstarter also comes with the option for players to get new sculpts for each of their faction acolytes, a new faction, a new map, and the ability to pick up expansion content you may have missed the last time around (and there is a LOT of expansion content for this game)



Back Cthulhu Wars if you like your games with a veritable mountain of plastic and production values that are just through the roof.

Founders of Gloomhaven starts its KS run

It’s big games on Kickstarter day, with Cephalofair Games launching its Gloomhaven spinoff Founders of Gloomhaven earlier this week – and funding in just under an hour.



Founders of Gloomhaven is a city building game, a far cry from Gloomhaven’s epic dungeon crawl. Inspired by resource-transforming video games like Factorio, players play the various races building the city of Gloomhaven.



Each race brings a unique resource to the city and resources from different players must be combined to create a new, third resource which then is used to actually build the city. Players must trade, negotiate, and auction for these resources and build up their portion of the city so that it best fits their race’s needs.

Founders of Gloomhaven is blowing through stretch goals at the moment – go check it out if you have an interest in city building games.


Quick Kickstarters


Fashion meets trendsetting; Cover Me is a game of running a fashion magazine, casting your cover models, and becoming the most important publication in the biz.


Featuring 162 unique model cards and a catwalk board that doubles as a storage inlay, Cover Me is both gorgeous and filled with interesting ideas.

Serengeti: A Race For Life is a game a conservation, competition, and animals of the great plains.



Featuring a gorgeous watercolor-esque art style and familiar deck building mechanics, A Race for Life is doing something really interesting – go check it out.

Hack the system and bring it down from within in Renegade, a game of cyberpunk future designed by long time board game YouTuber RickyRoyal.



Featuring deck building mechanics and co-operative gameplay, players must work together to upload viruses, install data nodes, and take down the culture-controlling supercomputers before they’re kicked off the grid. Renegade looks slick and amazing.

Community Centerpiece

Speaking of Ricky Royal, his YouTube channel Box of Delights has been going for years, providing great how-to-play guides (his Mage Knight video with 150,00 views is considered essential for learning the game) and playthroughs, especially focused on solo gaming.



Here’s Ricky teaching you how to play one of the most popular games of recent years, Dead of Winter



And that’s it for the News Brief! Check out our other article for this week, Top 10 Card Games To Try Before You Die as well as the Recommended card games category for more great card games.

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