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Board Game News Brief: July 13th 2016

Posted Wednesday, 13-Jul-2016

Go on a Galaxy Quest; sleeve up for Power Grid; and get ready to place tiles – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Contributed by Calvin Wong

Never give up, never surrender! Galaxy Quest board game announced

From Lynnvander, designers of Albion’s Legacy and Catalyst Games, owners of Shadowrun and Battletech comes “A fully cooperative, comedic, worker-placement board game” set in the Galaxy Quest universe.


Yes, that is Sigourney Weaver.
Yes, that is Sigourney Weaver.


Well I say universe – it’s actually only one film. The Star Trek-inspired movie is based so heavily on the tropes and foibles of Trek that many fans call it a Star Trek film that never was. The premise: A 70s science fiction TV show named Galaxy Quest – hammy acting, questionable special effects, and token female crewmember – has been off the air for decades but die hard fans keep the series alive by going to conventions and rewatching old episodes.

…until one day, the aliens arrive.

Billed as an “approachable, fast-paced experience” about a team of actors who are forced into commanding an alien ship, the Galaxy Quest board game will have more information released soon.


Power Grid: The Card Game

Ever wished Power Grid were faster? Say, sixty minutes or so? Do we have a game for you.


I'm pretty sure that's against IEAE regulations.
I’m pretty sure that’s against IEAE regulations.


Bid for power plants and supply them with resources as usual, but without maps and requiring only an hour to play. 2 to 6 players can compete to produce and supply the most electricity.

The game comes with a special mode for 2 players and a Demolition Contractor variant which can be incorporated into Power Grid and Power Grid Deluxe.


This isn’t Carcassonne: 4 Gods

Real-time simultaneous tile placement. From Christophe Boelinger, the designer of Archipelago, Earth Reborn, and Dungeon Twister comes this chaotic game of strategic placement. (4 Gods also comes with 30 second timed turns, if that whole simultaneous thing feels too overwhelming.)


Could be worse - could have been 5 gods.
Could be worse – could have been 5 gods.


Taking cues from games like the aforementioned Carcassonne and Galaxy Trucker, 4 Gods requires players to build a central map by placing tiles from their hands (1 tile per hand) and attempting to claim those lands by placing prophets or divine cities. Tiles that cannot be placed go into a discard track in front of you – which opens them up to all your opponents to nab. The player with the most territory claimed at the end wins.


Quick Kickstarters

Martians: A Story of Civilization is about the human push to colonize and conquer Mars.


It takes a lot to colonize Mars.
It takes a lot to colonize Mars.


A competitive/cooperative game about resource gathering, exploration, expansion, etc- but OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THESE MINIATURES. My inner science nerd is exploding.


Speaking of science nerdery, GIGA-ROBO is a game about anime mech fighting in a destructible city. Featuring card-driven miniatures combat and art that looks ripped from screenshots of classic mecha series, GIGA-ROBO is well worth a look.


She looks robo, but is she giga?
She looks robo, but is she giga?


Featuring two of my absolute favorite mechanic in games: cooldown timers and little slots for you to place your components in, GIGA-ROBO (is that always in caps?) is a game that absolutely stands out above all the other anime-inspired kickstarters.


Customizable dice. Say no more.


Askrias puts players on a fantasy quest, with a campaign, class customization, monster fighting, and all that good stuff. With its Japanese RPG inspired aesthetic and cool dice upgrading mechanic, Askrias looks like it’ll be great for fans of Final Fantasy and its ilk.


Also taking inspiration from video games – albeit more indirectly – is ABXY – a game molded after fighting games like Street Fighter but with a completely unexpected art direction.


Told you.
Told you.


Named after the 4 buttons on a controller, ABXY features no hidden information – just strategy. Select two actions from A, B, X, and Y to perform: A attacks, B blocks, X swaps characters and Y negates X and B. It’s a simple system with plenty of room for mind games, especially when you throw in the creature special abilities.


Finally, we have ACTOP.


Don't ask what it stands for.
Don’t ask what it stands for.


In each turn of ACTOP, players must place a tetris-like piece of the tower as well as a balance cube on the structure. The structure cannot exceed its boundaries and must stay upright to score points, with more points being awarded the larger the piece you placed – unless it falls. Then you lose.

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