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Board Game News Brief: July 13, 2017

Posted Friday, 14-Jul-2017

Cards Against Humanity for charity, edible Catan, and a new game from the Xia designer – this is the Board Game News Brief!

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Cards Against Humanity offers Pink edition, donates all profits

Incredibly popular party game Cards Against Humanity has been known to indulge in some wacky marketing every once in a while – their newest one involves a For Her pink edition that donates all profits to the Emily’s List charity for helping women run for office.

Oh also it costs $5 more.



Announced using a website that savagely satirizes aimed-at-women marketing, CAH For Her is raising funds for a political cause. The company has been known to take political stands before: Designer Max Temkin’s other game Secret Hitler, a game about electing a fascist dictator, came with an optional pack to rebrand the game to President Trump.



This is also not the first time the company has taken a charitable stance; they once bought one week off for all the workers of the factory producing their games and donated money to the Chicago NPR.

Edible Catan: Chocolate Edition

Yes, you read that correctly.



With 32 bars of finest Belgian chocolate, the game itself is a simplified, shorter version of Catan – but if you build a road or a knight you put the bar of chocolate in front of you and eat it after the game.

It’s currently only available in German, but given how hugely popular Catan is it won’t be long until more languages become available, with English already promised to be on the way. Seems like a great gift for your gamer friends, or a way to introduce non-gamers to the joy of Catan through their stomachs!

Xia: Legends of a Drift System designer announces new game




Details are very light, but Arydia is an open world campaign-based co-operative game that allows players to reset the game once they’re finished.

Cody Miller’s previous designs, Xia: Legends of a Drift System and the followup expansion Embers of a Forsaken Star have proven popular – the sandbox-esque space exploration, trading, and combat games seem similar to Arydia, only without the story progression.

Quick Kickstarters

Trash Pandas. I’ll let the description speak for itself: the card game of raucous raccoons and tipped trash cans. When you’re a Trash Bandit: Trash IS Treasure.

With gorgeous and adorable illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya (Capital Lux, Kodama, Catacombs), steal feesh, shiniez, and beware kittehs and doggos as you find delicious garbage to eat!


A card game of economy and empire, Coin & Crown lets you build or conquer your way to victory.



Co-designed by Steven Aramini of Groves fame, and really cheap at $24 a box, Coin and Crown looks like a great little card game that plays in under an hour.

Our final game Legendary Creatures looks like this:



Dragons, unicorns, and jabberwocks, oh my! This deck building game is gorgeous, with plenty of locations, difficult choices – and yet is cuddly and adorable! Go check out Legendary Creatures.


Community Centerpiece

Ryan Laukat’s Near & Far has been blowing up BoardGamePrices’ search rankings, making it onto the most searched games. Missed the hype? Let BeBo from Gamewire (and her extremely handsome cat Dax) tell you all about it!



GameWire is, among many things, a great YouTube channel offering overviews, how to plays, and tutorials.


And that’s the News Brief! Remember to enter for your FREE COPY of Clank!, ending in just a few days – winner of the Mensa Select, selected for Popular Mechanics’ 50 Best Board Games, winner of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, and nominated for 5 Golden Geek Awards including Most Innovative, and Game of the Year!


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