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Board Game News Brief: January 4, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 4-Jan-2017

Defense Grid comes to your table; a new Reiner Knizia game; and tons and tons of Kickstarter goodness – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Announcing Bohnanza 20th Anniversary Edition

The classic game of bean planting has been around for 20 years and sold 2 million copies in that time, and it now has a new edition, with a new bean!


It's a Bohnanza!
It’s a Bohnanza!


For those unfamiliar, Bohnanza is a game of trading and set collection where the core conceit is that players cannot rearrange cards in their hands – instead being forced to trade beans before planting them and harvesting larger sets for coins.

The new addition adds the Spring Bean: When harvested, players draw cards from the bean deck and draft them, keeping one and passing the rest around, with the player who harvested getting an extra coin.

The game is due early this year.


Reiner Knizia’s Khan of Khans set for Jan 10th Kickstarter

A quick, family friendly card game with art by Ian O’Toole (The Gallerist, Lisboa, Vinhos), Khan of Khans is about stealing cows. Cutely.


Adorable cattle rustling for the whole family.
Adorable cattle rustling for the whole family.


Each player attempts to amass the largest herd of cows while fending off enemy magic, stampedes, and trying to steal yourself more cows. Cows.

We’ll know more when the game launches on Kickstarter next week.


Quick Kickstarters

Iron League: Black Stadium is a game about mechs battling in a giant sports arena. Sporting customizable mechs, unique pilots, miniature black holes, and plasma balls rolling around the board, Iron League looks like a ton of fun.


I wonder what the Steel League is like.
I wonder what the Steel League is like.


This is Iron League’s 2nd go around on Kickstarter, with the original campaign all the way back in August 2015. The game has relaunched with new polish, a much slicker look, additional game modes, and an optional expansion: Nuke Tracker. Check it out.


Pivoting completely from the dark science fiction future is Nimbee, a worker-bee placement game with card collection. It also has the best tagline of 2017 so far: ‘Let’s Get Ready to Bumble!’




With that gorgeous watercolor art style and an adorable theme, Nimbee looks like a quick simple game you should take a look at. Bzzt.


From Victory Point games comes Twilight of the Gods, where gods from across the ancient globe are entering into a titanic struggle to remain in power. This card battling game features a unique deck of 50 cards for each deity, each with a different play style.


Hera, Ares, Enlil, and Portents.
Hera, Ares, Enlil, and Portents.


Apart from the great art and the design philosophy of ‘no useless cards, ever’, each game features trading, negotiation, offense, defense – and plenty of ‘Smite Makes Right’ – giving Twilight of the Gods the 2nd best tagline of 2017.


Defense Grid to launch on Kickstarter in 2 weeks

Based on the hit video game tower defense series, Defense Grid: The Board Game is created in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment to deliver a co-operative tower defense experience on your table.


Prepare for incoming.
Prepare for incoming.


To sound less like a press release – the game has robots that walk along a preset path. Players must work together to build towers: guns, flamethrowers, lasers, tesla coils… and shoot the robots before they can reach your base and steal the energy cores and escape.

The core promise of the game is expandability – the team has promised 2 years worth of free scenario releases and templates for you to create your own scenarios. Look for Defense Grid to launch in the middle of January.

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